Thu | Oct 18, 2018

Happily Hero(ine) After

Published:Monday | October 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Enrique Iglesias said it best when he sang, "I can be your hero baby." While songbird Mariah Carey declared it in her lyrics, "There's a hero. If you look inside your heart." Now, who doesn't want to be the hero(ine) of their own love story? Especially when you know for sure that your significant other is a cupid cause worth fighting for.

How many of you can safely say that they make a conservative effort to execute martyr-like qualities within your union, matrimonial or otherwise? Today is National Heroes Day, so now is a better time than any to do away with those villainous tendencies you may knowingly or unconsciously possess and ultimately be the hero(ine) for your partner. Here's how:


Lose the battles but win the war of the heart


Arguing can never be easy, but the reality is that you and your better half will never agree on everything. So, pick your battles wisely. Even the greatest of heroes have learned to accept defeat before a revolt ensues. When that occurs, come to terms under a treaty agreement, forgiving and letting go in the process, all while keeping the war of 'happily ever after' going strong.


Fight for him or her


This is not to be confused with jealousy and possessiveness. Stand up for your relationship at all costs, but be sure to bring out both your lover and fighter from within, so you can balanced the well-deserved state of euphoria.


Be honourable


Death before dishonour is a mantra many heroes often lived by for a reason. Discrediting your bond by breaking the chain of monogamy is by no means ambitious or chivalrous. As far as being a hero goes, loyalty should be a cherished treasure expressed in its purest form.


Aspire to inspire, motivate or influence your partner


Nothing screams hero more than being someone that your sweetheart can look up to. So set the best example: be them change you want to see, encourage positive thoughts daily and support hopes and dreams. Be the biggest cheerleader, helping him or her to colour the world within the lines or venture outside of the comfort zone. Be a constructive critique who suggests sound solutions for issues and be the reason your partner believes again.


Play the part


It makes no sense you bear the name 'Hero' and not play the game. Create the dynamic of being a leader as well as a team for two players. Also, since the hero lies in you, whether you prefer wings, capes, or receiving national recognition, these accolades will only come with acts of bravery. Play your part: ladies, untap your inner beauty from within. Step up to the plate and be his main attraction as he rides your roller coaster all night long. Fellas, turn up the charm, be sweet, but be a beast, rescuing with rendezvous guaranteed to turn up the erotic heat between and beyond the sheet.