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My hero is ...

Published:Monday | October 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and while the world might not know about them, there are heroes among us that make a difference in our lives. We asked a few people who are their heroes and here are the responses:

Malcolm X is mine because he was able to unite black men, something that I think we need today.

Fernandez Barrett

My late paternal grandmother, Cynthia Dixon. She was the mother of her community. She fed, clothed, sheltered, schooled so many and often went without so they could have while still being the world's greatest. Nothing came before her Lord and family.

Randy Bowman

My mother because she is the most determined person I know.

Amilcar Lewis

My mom is my hero because she is fearless, selfless, accepting, humble, aware and loving. She exemplifies the heart of a leader and has the ability to make everyone feel accepted . She helps everyone who comes in her path, even if it means giving everything of herself and that to me is a true hero.

Kimberly Goodall

My mother. The sacrifices she made numerous occasions without hesitation to me exemplifies heroism.

Dorian Beckford

I am my own hero simply because I'm the strongest person I know. I cry on my own shoulder, give myself pep talks and pull myself together because I encouraged myself to do so. It doesn't matter how many people share their stories with you about their challenges and life's adversities that they faced and how they overcame all of them. You will never apply their experiences to your own life. You have to find it in yourself to rise to the occasion for yourself and be your own inspiration.

Shaynae Graham

My mom and I legit see her as a superhero. She has my back in any situation. No matter what, she has never given up on me. She is extremely reliable. She always manages to make all of us feel loved, cared for, and even when she never had it she made it happen. Let's say she and my stepdad are my superheroes, but more so her.

Hanif Onana

Aidonia. He is independent, work with close friends and family. Answers to no one while earning his own money.

Garfield Owens