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Just meant to be

Published:Monday | October 23, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Dwayne McLeod and Nashell Findley
Bride Nashell Findley and Groom Dwayne McLeod surrounded by the love of the groom's family (from left) father Venell McLeod, mother Marjorie Smalling McLeod and brother Miguel.
Dwayne McLeod being the gentleman and helping his bride Nashell with her gown.
It is a family affair with (from left) Jodi-Ann Wilson ( bridesmaid), Anna-Lee West (sister of bride) Cameron West (stepfather of bride) Nashell Findley, Dwayne McLeod, Sandra West (mother of bride) and Suain Martin (sister of bride). *** Local Caption *** Contributed PhotoIt is a family affair with (from left) Jodi-Ann Wilson , Anna-Lee West ,Cameron West, Nashell Findley, Dwayne McLeod, Sandra West and Suain Martin
Dwayne McLeod and Nashell Findley during their sand ceremony while their son Demari looks on.
He will catch her if she falls.
The newlyweds dance their way down the aisle.
While the sun bids the night farewell, a new groom kisses his beautiful bride.


After six years of friendship, Dwayne McLeod and Nashell have glided into holy matrimony.

In September 2011, the two met and became friends. They built a friendship that transitioned into an intimate relationship, but it was seeing her love for children that struck a spark in Dwayne's heart.

"I knew she was the one when I invited her to a birthday party for my friend's daughter. She helped with the party and played with the children. It just sparked something in me," he told Flair. He went on to say that what he loved most about her is the way she loves with everything she has - her heart and soul.

Her sizzling personality is also something that he has fallen for; "it keeps me in check."

Nashell, on the other hand, had more of a longing for him. It was when she was restless in bed and realised that she could not sleep without hearing from him that she knew that he had lit a special flame in her.

She loved his honesty and willingness to put her needs before his, which is a rare quality. This was even shown in his proposal. Knowing that she was a woman who loved her privacy and was shy, he chose to have an intimate and quiet proposal. It was the day after her birthday and she came home seeing the house completely transformed. There were rose petals all the way to their bedroom and he went down on one knee.

Both were filled with anxiety and happiness at that moment. Nashell was a bit more excited and said 'yes', overwhelmed with joy. Her response was greeted with relief even though this was his expectation. Dwayne just wanted to hug her and he would have forever to do that.

September 29, then came along and the two were ready to tie the knot. It was an intimate ceremony with close family and friends. When Dwayne stood at the top of the aisle and saw his bride walking towards him, composure went through the window. His eyes were filled with tears and he had to look to the sky to keep them from falling.

Nashell hoped that he would not cry because she knew that it was tough enough for her not to cry.

The two made it through the ceremony without breaking down and became husband and wife. Their first dance as newly-weds was to Thinking Out Loud. There were no words left to be said.