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Wrapping Up Cancer with Epiphany Beyond Beauty

Published:Monday | October 30, 2017 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie

A woman's beauty can be seen in the depths of her eyes, the radiance of her smile, the passion in her words and the confidence in her stride. However, the definition of beauty quails during the arduous battle with breast cancer.

Many women with breast cancer are required to undergo chemotherapy to combat the spreading of the disease. The radiation from chemotherapy targets all the rapidly dividing healthy cells as well as cancer cells. Hair follicles contain some of the fastest growing cells within the body. Chemotherapy destroys hair cells, and after a few weeks of exposure, cancer patients will begin to experience hair loss. The extent of the hair loss also depends on the drugs and treatment options given to the individual.

Going through this process does not have to be a daunting experience. Why not be fierce and fabulous while showing the world you have the gumption it takes to kick breast cancer to the kerb? Wrap Up Cancer with The Epiphany Beyond Body headwraps!

Headwraps are trendy and ultra-chic as they come in an array of colours and patterns. Visionary Marsha-Lee Hutchinson came up with the idea to make her own headwraps with an inner satin lining. "I wear headwraps a lot and it really started to dry out my hair because the material would absorb all the natural oils from it," explained Hutchinson.

"I love headwraps, so this is just up my alley. It covers what is left of my hair after treatment and really helps with my confidence. Plus, it is quick and easy," said breast cancer survivor Kerry Diviney.