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Carolyn 'Yapps' about social media

Published:Monday | November 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Carolyn Yapp

"I've been handling cyberbullies for years. From articles on gossip sites to even being catfished: I have about three impersonators at this very moment." Restaurant Week Ambassador Carolyn Yapp shared with Flair her experience in handling the dark side of social media.

The Miss Universe Jamaica 2009 winner is all too familiar with public scrutiny, but she takes it all in stride. Mastering the art of defusing unnecessary social-media situations. "I don't read comments, I have no response, I don't post subliminal messages to my attackers: I leave it be," she asserted.

Character, she says, is what defines a person, while your reputation is what people think of you. Regardless of the numerous attacks she has received from Internet bullies, those will never prohibit her from advancing or garnering more opportunities, as one's character will speak for itself.

And her character sings incredibly synchronised volumes! Now the marketing director of Iberostar, customer service plays a major role in her everyday life. "In customer service, diplomacy and composure under any circumstance is key. I think having years of experience in customer relations has helped me a lot in the way I communicate, and even react in my daily life by remaining extremely calm and not necessarily reacting to every and anything: you are being watched not just by your peers, but more important, potential employers and business associates and partners." It is within this context that she is better able to manage her social-media accounts.

Describing social media as "socialnomics", a form of social-media revolution, she admitted to being adamant about engaging in social media initially. But over time, she warmed to the idea. Now she's able to share things with her friends, physical and virtual, and connect with others with similar interests on a global level, just by a simple hashtag.




She confessed, too, that she doesn't see having followers or likes as "an ego booster", instead, they are viewed as an opportunity. "Over 50 per cent of the world's population is under 30, and 53 per cent of millennials would rather lose sense of smell than their technology! I honestly wouldn't mind being able to milk social media, from a financial perspective, as an influencer."

Although her company has its own social media page, connecting everyone from staff to clients, Yapp feels it is very important for her, as their marketing director, to set a standard and carry herself in a manner that sheds a positive light on what the company does and the talent they recruit. "The good thing is that it comes naturally, as I have always been in the business of luxury goods - luxury travel is a great addition to my portfolio. I make an effort to learn more through reading and I network selectively with individuals I can learn from. In addition, I have staff who follows me, so it's always good to set an example for how they should handle themselves on a social-media platform, as well as what they should aim to achieve."

Hitting closer to home, her typical morning encounters with social media includes going online to check her Instagram and emails over freshly brewed coffee, after giving her daughter a kiss, of course. "I'm not ashamed to say it: I love social media! I love sharing pictures of my daughter, things I do on a daily basis, like fashion and design. I'm somewhat introverted - shocking, but true. However, I'm able to be very social and extroverted on social media: these are some interesting times!"