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Kid chef Viki cooking up a storm at 10

Published:Monday | November 6, 2017 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
The talented kid Chef Viki working her magic in the kitchen.

Restaurant Week (RW) is fast approaching, and you have seen the incredible RW ambassadors dine in fine style at some of the most exquisite restaurants in Jamaica. Some you know and some you don't. But don't worry, we have not left you hanging. Meet Victoria 'Chef Viki' Walker, a talented little chef who knows how to cook up a storm and stand the heat in the kitchen.

Chef Viki is a fourth-grader at the American International School of Kingston. Yes, this means she is only 10 years old and has aced culinary art.

She discovered her talent when she was seven years old. Today, cooking is more than a hobby for her. Chef Viki is an apprentice, cooking with Chef Latoya Panton of the reality cooking show Young Chefs.

But how did she discover her talent? "I used to be in the kitchen with my mom when she was cooking, and I wanted to try," Chef Viki told Flair.

When asked what aspects of cooking she adores the most, Chef Viki replied, "I love all of it".

Dreaming of owning her own restaurant and hotel very soon, Chef Viki is already taking advanced culinary classes. But that's not all she wants you to know about her.

"I'm very creative. I also like to act and I am in the drama club at school," she revealed.




The gifted culinary artist wants to help you to master your way around the kitchen, so pay close attention.

Place food gently in hot oil: This prevents the oil from splattering and making a mess, or worse - burn you.

- Learn how to properly use a knife: Being able to properly use a knife is one of the basic yet most important features in manoeuvring your way around the kitchen. Cross chop and rock chop are two techniques you should get familiar with. And remember, your fingers should be tucked away from the blade of the knife or you might lose them.

- Use an apron: Using an apron helps to prevent accidents and injuries in the kitchen. When oil splatters on the apron, you can easily and quickly remove it before it soaks through to your skin.

- Wash your hands before you cook: It is important that you ensure your hands are clean when you are preparing foods. This prevents the spreading of bacteria that could threaten your health.

- Sample your food before you serve it: A great cook will always taste his or her masterpiece before sharing it. When you do this, you will know the additional touches needed to make your work of art perfect.