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Davina jets off in style for Miss Universe

Published:Monday | November 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie
Davina is the epitome of elegance in a timeless piece by Drenna Luna.
Davina and other contestants from Miss Universe 2017 debut selected outfits by Jamaican designers and couture boutiques.
Davina wearing a signature black and gold gown by Draped in Tiana.

Last Friday, the Serengeti Bistro at the Hope Zoo was transformed into a whirlwind of colours and exotic fabric, as the prodigious Miss Universe wardrobe was unveiled. The reigning Miss Universe, Davina Bennett, was sent off in style with more than 1,000 pieces from distinguished Jamaican designers and couture boutiques to choose from during her tenure.

The Hope Zoo Preservation Centre is proud to be a part of the charity arm for Miss Universe 2017. Zoo Manager Rebecca Harper was pleased to announce Davina as their new brand ambassador and the proud parent of her recently adopted rabbit named Mascara. "Davina is here to help us enhance lives through beauty for both four-legged and two-legged animals," said Harper. She then described the various charity programmes which are noteworthy instalments within Hope Zoo Preservation Centre, which allows the organisation to give back to the community. "Not only are we working to preserve and educate the public about our animals, but there are now programmes established to help at-risk youth, persons with special needs, and the recycling of plastic bottles," said Harper.

The Serengeti stage was converted into a catwalk, which allowed Davina and other contestants from the competition to debut each unique piece. Outfits ranged from classic contemporary to Afrocentric, which are the key character traits of our beloved Miss Universe. The flurry of artistic designs included outfits from Draped in Tiana, Max Brown, Stush Couture, Martha Brail, House of Fennel, Indigo Soul, Brittany Brown, House of Jade, TNT Fashions, Drenna Luna, Tash Collection, Red Marine, and the Uzuri Collection.

As Davina sashayed across the stage to deliver her final speech before her trip to Las Vegas, the extent of her training was evident in her poise and grace. She is dubbed the most trained Miss Universe Jamaica has ever had, and expressed gratitude to her coaches who spent countless hours moulding her into a sensational, world-class beauty. Special thanks was given to Yendi Phillipps, Jean-Paul Menou, Sophia Max Brown, the TPDCo team, and Di Marie Institute, just to name a few. Jamaica wishes Davina Bennett all the best in her pursuit to the crown for Miss Universe 2017.