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Kathy Grant finds love through Christ

Published:Monday | November 20, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Earlier this year, teacher/comedienne Kathy 'Tan Deh Deh' Grant, more popularly known for her role in the Ity and Fancy Cat Show, submitted her life to Christ.

Grant shared her enthusiasm on the new walk she had taken, admitting that even though there were challenges, she had been enjoying taking the plunge.

A few days ago, Grant took another kind of plunge; she got married to the love of her life, Tamar Dormar.

In a one-on-one with Flair, Grant reflected on the day describing her wedding day as blessed.

"Imagine it rained for the entire month of October, and on my wedding day, the day was beautiful as ever with a rainbow in the sky. And just after the reception was through it started raining again," she said.

Showing the discipline and her ultimate commitment to the path she has chosen, Grant said she was sharing space with her now husband for almost a year before they tied the knot, even before she was baptised.

"But we slept in different rooms for almost a year. Never knew we could do it. But Holy Ghost have we under manners! To God be the glory!" she said on their having the strength to do the right thing.

Talking about the blossoming romance, Grant said she met Dormar at Calabar Infant, Primary and Junior High, where she is a full-time teacher.

"I didn't budge at him at first, because he was not the ideal kind of guy that I'm used to dating," she reminisced. Grant said she soon changed her mind after most of her co-workers encouraged her to "even go on one date" with him, as she said she could see he had eyes only for her.




"They saw that he was in love with me and they loved him for me. So I gave it a go." She said she was eventually convinced that he was the one for her when she got the revelation that their being together "is divinely set up by God".

"He is great with kids, kind, loving, determined and a man of God," she said of the man whose name she now bears.

Months into her walk of faith, Grant says she is absolutely loving it, but there is one area that many Christian wives pay attention to, and that is being "submissive to their husbands".

Flair could not help throwing in that question to Grant, who in her usual own inimitable style responded. "I love the new me. I am working on being a submissive wife. It's something that I pray about and is working hard at. But, it is submitting according to the will of God. So anything my husband wants me to submit to that is not of God or in line with the will of God? Him just salt!"

Reflecting on her life right now, Grant said she is totally at peace. "I am refreshed, purpose driven, happy and contented."

Having taken the path to share her life with someone, Grant can now offer words of wisdom to others, as she said marriage is not for everyone - but if they choose that path, then they should make the commitment to stick to it.

"A vow is made before God and man. Is not the man part that is serious, but the one made before God. The tests are going to come, but that's when the love for each other is tested. Satan doesn't honour marriages, so he will do every and anything to tear couples apart, even the ones that aren't married," she shared.

Grant says hasty decisions should be avoided in breaking up the union, as she sees it as a trick by the devil. She instead urges partners to pray and wait for an answer.

"Leaving is always easier, it will stop all the headache and problem, but in the end we dishonour God. The devil is a liar and the truth is not in him! Women, don't join yourself with no married man, crosses literally follows you. I am a testimony to that. Furthermore, if that wife is a praying wife, you just might end up dead. Wait I say on the Lord!" are the encouraging words from Grant, who hails from Liberty Hill, St Ann.

With the wedding out the way, Grant said it is back to her regular life of doing stand-up and continuing her work in the theatre.