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Lindsey Lodenquai: the Balancing Act

Published:Monday | November 20, 2017 | 12:06 AM
Lindsay Lodenquai
Lindsay Lodenquai
Lindsay Lodenquai
Lindsay Lodenquai
Lindsay Lodenquai

Lindsey Lodenquai danced her way into many Jamaicans hearts and now she has decided to make a nest there with her new charitable endeavour.

Lodenquai has been a dancer for over a decade. Finishing her degree at the University of the West Indies she made her way to the Big Apple (New York City) to complete her scholarship. Upon returning home she decided that after such a long run it was just time for a little break.

She started a family got involved in New Wave that pushed her on to the shores of charity.

New Wave, the brainchild of Protoje and Jason Panton is a platform for up-and-coming local talent share their craft. Londenquai being a creative soul as well, fit right into this team. While Protoje and Panton were out of the country she was given the opportunity to spearhead the direction of the brand.

Through this, she developed the concept of Celebrity Closet. In 2015, the dancer actually started to take note of the number of clothes and accessories that celebrities or influencers might receive through endorsements and gifts, as well as shopping.

"I thought to myself that this could be a great start for a local thrift shop! The whole point of this event is to recognise that joy doesn't always come from excess, so the event was conceptualised and will be debuted on December 16 at Hope Zoo," said Lodenquai.

Lodenquai hopes to transform the Treehouse at Hope Zoo into what she describes as a "chic thrift shop". She is planning to cater for all capturing adult and child patrons with vendors like Timber Sunglasses, Paradise Child Skin Care and Shoan's Collection Sandals.

New Wave will be starting its outreach programme with the proceeds. It aims to target children's homes, shelters and, of course, there will be some contribution to the arts. She also tells Flair that the group is looking forward to doing art, dance, music and drama classes with those who have interest in these artistic avenues but lack the opportunity.

Londenquai is also paying attention to another new job - motherhood. Just two months ago she gave birth to a baby girl and the dancer body has just 'snapped back' with the help of breastfeeding she emphasised. Now she is just focused on getting the grasp of motherhood along with New Wave but next year she plans to get back in tune with her first love.

In her mind, she has never stopped dancing. However, she is now feeling the bugs to physically get back on the stage.

Still, there is much more in store for her because apart from dancing and helping to expand the New Wave brand, she plans to dabble a bit in the fashion industry. There is no one set path for her, and she hopes to satisfy all artistic avenues.




Here are five things you might not know about this graceful dancer.

1. She is pretty shy irrespective of years on the stage.

2. She always wanted to attend Edna Manley to study fine art.

3. Being 'artsy' through painting is her thing.

4. Londenquai has been dancing for almost two decades, 19 years to be exact.

5. She used to play golf.