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Creating Plantariums with Bromley Creations

Published:Monday | November 27, 2017 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie
Bromley Creations
Bromley Creations
Bromley Creations
Bromley Creations

Matthew Bromley is a hands-on, do-it-yourself kind of man, whose passion for creating led him into a world of intricately designed displays - with plants.

The owner of Bromley Creations has created simple yet unique plantariums, which add character and life to any environment it is placed in. "A plantarium is a collection of plants displayed within a glass," Bromley explained to Flair in a recent interview.

Each plantarium is composed of an arrangement made with hardy plants, such as succulents. Bromley uses several different types of mediums when designing a plantarium. "I use Mason jars, wood, ceramics, metals and even a combination of all to create that unique style based on what the client wants," said Bromley.

Within each plantarium, one can see different natural elements such as sand, stones, shells and driftwood. This is topped off with decorative stones in an array of colours. Bromley guarantees that no two arrangements are the same.




"This was something I stumbled into," he notes, explaining how he got into doing his miniature creations. He continued: "There was a girl I was courting, and one day she showed me a terrarium that she wanted on Pinterest. She was not able to get anything like that out here, so I decided to make it for her." Being a big fan of anything DIY he surprised her with his creation. "She loved it so much that she brought it to work for her desk, and at the end of the day several persons were asking me to make them," continued Bromley.

"I like doing research and learning about anything that is out of my scope. This is my way of expressing myself. I work in a bank, which is very mundane, so this is the perfect outlet for me," said Bromley.

See more plantariums from Bromley Creations on Instagram: @mattewobromley