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Men of style - Brown and DaCosta shine at The Collection MoDA

Published:Monday | November 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM
DaCosta's unique twist on menswear.
Johneli DaCosta's colour blocking.
DaCosta and his trade mark asymmetrical cuts.
Johneli DaCosta's take on masculine lines.
The Mirror Collection by Carlton Brown.
Johneli DaCosta is not afraid to go outside of the designing box.
The Mirror Collection by Carlton Brown.
Steve Ming in Carlton Brown's denim pants.
Carlton Brown (in T-shirt) surrounded by models wearing his designs at The Collection MoDA.
Asafa Powell in The Mirror Collection by Carlton Brown.
DaCosta easy wear.

When The Collection MoDA presented this year's show on a rainy night at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, they included two men's line that heated things up.

Whether you have your hand on the fashion pulse or not, one of the names in menswear to know is Carlton Brown. When he showcased his Mirror Collection and his denim line, it erased any doubt that may exist as to why his work has been so popular and revered by many over the years.

The clean cut of his suits is incomparable. His use of fabric is creative yet fashionable and masculine, pushing the envelope on men's formal wear while staying true to traditional lines.

His denim line had clean finishes, producing an end product that many women would love to see on their men.

Johneli DaCosta also showcased his twist on menswear. He took a more high-fashioned approach, showcasing his unique taste and flavour. Asymmetric cuts, colour blocks and capes wear were all seen in his line, highlighting why he is known for redefining masculinity.

Here is a look at the new men's line that lit up The Collection MoDA runway this year.