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Quaint by Afrocentric Design

Published:Monday | December 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM

December is finally here, and that means only one thing - it's the most wonderful time of the year! Since it's the season of giving or treating yourself, why not deck your own runway with designs from Quaint by GSC?

Gabrielle Clarke was introduced to the wonderful world of fashion when she started making her own clothes in August of 2014. "I started making my own clothes and I was really good at it, so people recommended that I take it on full-time, instead of just as a hobby. I ended up entering a few pieces into a fashion show and from there, the business began," she explained to Flair.

Since becoming a business in 2015, the feedback that Quaint by GSC has received has been excellent. Clarke revealed that people love the brand, noting that it represents their African heritage, helping them to tap into their roots in an unusually interesting way.

Inspired by the fabric themselves, Clarke took us through her designing process. She explained that she would see a particular fabric and immediately visualise something that could be made from it. "I'm not one to sketch. I go with the vibe of the fabric," she added.




As for her bags, she chooses fabrics she believes will have a lasting impact, picking out one or two dominant colours to use as the colour palate for her leatherette.

Clarke currently offers one-of-a-kind handbags, backpacks, shirts, tops, swimwear, caps and chokers.

"Quaint means exactly what my brand represents - strangely attractive, unusual but amazing. I have been getting constructive criticism, which I use to improve my products. But ultimately, I strive to have every piece be as unique as possible - something that isn't already out there," Clarke revealed.

So for those who love an Afrocentric vibe, and want to support a Jamaican brand, shop Quaint by GSC today - you will be sure to stand out in a quaint place.

You can find Quaint by GSC on Instagram @quaintbygscja (for bags) @quaintafrowear (for clothes). Find them on Facebook: Quaint by GSC or email: