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All I want for Christmas: From Me to You

Published:Monday | December 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM

International songbird Mariah Carey sang it best when she belted out, “All I want for Christmas is you”. And yes, I don’t know who wouldn’t want to have their significant other with them for the season. But who are we kidding? We want gifts from them too! Just in case you’re trying to figure out what to get him or her for Christmas, and are still not sure, here are a few gift ideas just for you.


Care package: This can be in the form of a goody basket or gift box, which includes all the ways to his or her heart. The more items, the merrier the response so get creative.

Best kept memories: If you know the love of your life is all about receiving something sentimental, then you could be original by presenting a compilation of treasured memories you have both created together. It could be a scrapbook or a jar.

What I love about you from A-Z: I know a girl will definitely enjoy this. Pull on all her love handles with this customised gift. It can be made or purchased.

Carved candle holder: If your partner is into candles, you can carve both of your initials into a wooden candle holder. And add her favourite scented candles to accompany the holders while you're at it.

Scentsational: Speaking of scents, be a sensational partner this Christmas by gifting their favourite cologne or perfume. You will absolutely be loved by it

Customised Calendar: Whether he or she is a planner or not, who can resist a customised calendar of his or her favourite things of even better, favourite people? Mix to create the ideal match for a Christmas present.

Liquid Love: Needing a little courage to think inside the box? Maybe you can look in the liquid department, gifting his or her favourite beers or limited edition of signature rums. That will certainly call for a celebration.

Tools of adoration: If your man is into tools, find out what he needs to complete his collection, more tools or the tool box. and reward his nice behaviour all year by giving him all the tools he desires.

Timeless Romance: What to peak your romance to timeless? Get him or her a sleek or chic watch that will be cherished forever.

Devoted video: Want to show your devotion to your love while you're away? Send him or her a sentimental video with thoughts of wishing you were here. Or engage in a live video to get the feel of him or her being there with you.

Love mug: Show your love by picking up matching his or her mugs. Or if your sweetheart is a coffee or tea lover, this will be a great gift for them.

Artistic affection: If he or she is an artist or lover of art, you just can't go wrong with art centric present: a painting, a drawing or art supplies for him or her to create magic with.

Literary Love: Books make awesome presents for those who love the wonderful world of literary arts. You will be sure to 'read all about it' when your partner thanks you.

Dear Journal: If you have a budding writer for your spouse, encourage, motivate and inspire the act of writing by gifting your dearly beloved a journal.

Jewellery (box or gems): Diamonds are forever, so if you have a girly girl, you will win her over by sharing jewellery or a unique box to store them all with your gem.

Tender Ts: Express your tender love through matching T-Shirts. If he or she has a great sense of humour, then get crazy with it, while keeping the romance alive.

Heartbeat: He or she is into music, demonstrate to your heartbeat just how much you care by giving headphones or speakers and see if his or her heart won't skip a beat for you.

Fit for forever: In love wit a fitness buff? Or are you both fitness lover, let him or her know that you both a fit for forever by buying necessary and fun fitness gear.

Relaxation or quality time: You may feel your boyfriend or girlfriend is stressed, or you might not have had enough time to spend together. Plan some well needed rest and relaxation and gift it through spa certificates or trip/dinner for two.

Naughty and Nice Box: 'Tis the season to add spice so why not step it up just a notch with box of something naughty and something nice? Create a box designed with you both in mind and be as nice or naughty as you want to be. *wink*