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Ammens Woman body wash, the best choice

Published:Monday | December 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM

'Tis the season for gifts, so give her Ammens woman body wash and show her you care. Forget bar soaps, they're notorious for drying out skin, so let her reap the benefits of Ammens.

With two options, she can enjoy the special moisturising formula that's fortified with humectants and vitamins A and E, but if she's looking to uncover fresh skin, then the exfoliating formula with vitamin E will suffice.

Ammens Woman is refreshing and can provide the added element needed to either be a boost at the start of her day or help to wind her down after extended hours at the office. Each 400ml bottle contains all natural ingredients, which will make her feel fresh and clean after showering and maintain the skins luminosity. Ammens understand skin care is at the top of every woman's personal care list and has answered the call with two specially formulated products that will cater to their needs.

Do you understand the importance of skin care and how a body wash can be beneficial? Let's break it down. A woman's skin is typically more sensitive than a man's and a moisturising body wash is much more beneficial in comparison to bar soaps that may irritate the skin. Body washes are also more hygienic, bar soap is often left lying in the tub or shower collecting bacteria and is usually shared between people. A woman's hygiene is paramount, therefore, a body wash is your best bet. So this Christmas, let Ammens Woman body wash be the go-to cleansing product for that special woman in your life.