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Avoid the Christmas shopping mishaps

Published:Monday | December 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Christmas Decorations at Fontana Pharmacy.
Christmas Decorations at Fontana Pharmacy.

It's Christmas Day and you see your family unwrapping their gifts, and the light in their eyes and their joy warm your heart. That is what gift giving is all about.

While it is the thought that counts, there should be some thought in the gift giving. You should not give for giving sake, you should give because you want to. When you want to give, you naturally want to satisfy a want, need or desire. So here are some ways to give a thoughtful gift for the season:

Listen to the person: If it's a spouse or child, they usually drop hints. In fact, the children actually tell you. But your partner may not be as blunt, and if you recently started dating, he or she might not be as blunt. So listen to them, they might even mention things that they plan to gift themselves - take those hints.

Wives and mothers are still women: Remember, your mothers and wives are still women. She wants a blender for the kitchen so you give her for Christmas. Or the mother gets a handwritten gift from the children and you present it as a Christmas gift. Now, that is cute and sentimental, something she might save forever, but you should make it extra sweet with a token. Something equally as sentimental as jewellery or cologne or a day at the spa is always appreciated.

No artificial flowers: No fake orchids, or roses, just nothing fake! If you want something romantic, get something real. In fact, a bouquet of real roses or her favourite flowers with a card will go a far way. But, I repeat, not tacky fake bouquets.

No figurines: Those days are done. Perish the thought. Unless they ask for it or you hear them say that they need a statement piece for their home, stay away from the figurines.

It's not the money spent: You can spend a lot of money on something someone doesn't want, it's not about how much is spent. Do something special that you know the person might appreciate. You can never lose with something that is sentimental, and something sentimental is usually very inexpensive.

These are just a few things to consider when you are doing Christmas shopping this year.