Fri | Aug 17, 2018

The ideal gift basket

Published:Monday | December 11, 2017 | 12:00 AMCoriandre Lawrence

Gift baskets are versatile. They provide effective ways to give someone multiple items while simultaneously giving you the opportunity to put your own touch on the occasion, ultimately creating a wholesome and heartfelt gift.

When it comes to gift baskets the options are many but a quick analysis of the person you plan on surprising will allow you to quickly surmise how to populate your basket. If your husband, son or brother is in love with his car and prefers to wash and detail it himself, then a basket with car-care items will go a long way and can be the perfect gift for the clean-car enthusiast.

Gift baskets can allow you the freedom of creativity as well. A basket of your brother's favourite 'stuff' can be equally pleasing as jewelry or cologne, so his favourite snack, a Mozart's greatest hits CD, plus a book and headphones might be the perfect for him.

If skin care is your wife's forte, then a basket with an array of Jergens product as well as an Ammens body wash could be exactly what she wanted for Christmas. Essentially, a basket provides your recipient with all they might need surrounding a particular theme. The days of a singular gift are still relevant but baskets can level the playing field when price becomes a challenge. Therefore, explore all your options and seek out what can be compiled in your basket. That way the basket becomes a treasure trove of sorts allowing an even deeper gift experience.

So whether you call the gift shop and place an order for a basket of facial products or you head to the market and create a basket with fruits, the key is making it diverse, interesting and fun.