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Nail it with Dip Polish

Published:Monday | December 11, 2017 | 12:07 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Pro-base coat is applied to help and hold the powder polish when dipped.
One quick dip.
After the first dip the probase coat is reapplied.
Adding the gel finishing coat to nails.
This cherry red colour is perfect for the Christmas and this dip powder is polish is low maintenance.
Proprietor of Face to Face Skincare Salon and Spa Andrea Ricketts explains the procedure of the dip polish.


Even if the year might not have been the best for all, Christmas often brightens the mood and gets persons excited about being pampered and looking their best. Face to Face Skincare Salon and Spa is ready to spread the Christmas cheer and now offers an organic wa to enjoy a manicure.

The idea of a dip powder polish might sound absolutely strange but believe it or not, it is the future of nails. Some persons are allergic to acrylic and some are just affected by the scent of nail polish. The dip polish makes up for all that. It is non-toxic, odourless, rich in calcium and Vitamin E which promotes nail growth, and most important, it dries quickly.

The proprietor of Face to Face, Andrea Ricketts, tells Flair that her spa deals with wellness and as such, they do their best to take care of the health of their customers. In doing so, they seek avenues that are best to pamper their patrons.




"We deal with wellness and this is why even before now we did not do acrylic. Now with the dip polish, we have a toxic-free alternative for women," she told Flair.

When it comes to the preparations of the nails there are five steps. After nails and cuticles are cleaned then the prep for the powder is applied to the nail, which, in essence, is to dry the nail. Then the pro-base is applied which aids in holding the powder to the nail, then dip. This step is done twice. And then the base is applied to seal it in. Nails are then buffed to ensure a smooth finish. An activator is then applied after which a finishing gel is applied for shine.

It is finished up with a cuticle oil, to give your fingers some care. This procedure is said to last up to three weeks and is chip free.

The spa also offers a variety of skincare services from facials to massages for their clients. So if you need to just get a quick, lasting manicure or holiday pampering consider Face to Face.

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