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Suitable Fit - Tips from Dexter Huxtable

Published:Monday | December 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM
This model tries on the fitted jacket to complete his Dexter Huxtable custom designed suit.
Spokes Apparel's Dexter Huxtable demonstrates how to keep it classy.
Male clothing designer, Dexter Huxtable, in his element as he offers tips on men's fashion.
Dexter Huxtable (left) shares style company with brand manager for Spirits at Red Stripe, Jason Hendricks.
Dexter Huxtable takes his Johnnie Walker just as how he dresses – neat.

Most women find men wearing suits simply irresistible. But some opt to create style with retail over making a statement with custom designs. Since this is the season of giving, our treat for the male counterparts is to share a few tips on all things suits and menswear from leading designer and owner of Spokes Apparel, Dexter Huxtable.

Known for his flawless craftsmanship and unique design, Huxtable teamed up with Scotch specialist Johnnie Walker for their 'Lead with Style' shoot recently to advise men on how they could let their clothes and drinks speak for them. So, fellas, here's how you can take your style from weak to classic and even supermodel chic.


A Suitable Fit


The main mistake he sees men making at stores is getting a suit that doesn't fit well. He went on to highlight that some men figure that they might gain a couple of pounds later, so they go for a size up or so. "I'd rather you get your suit fitted - not tight, but fitted."

The other issue is choosing the wrong colours. He recommends that you choose colours based on your complexion, your personality, and in many instances, your job description. He encourages you to keep it simple, basic, and classic. "It is extremely important to have the perfect fit for suits. Not only does it look good to the naked and trained eye, it will make you feel good and exude the confidence you need too. If it's not a good fit, then it's not a suit," he added.


Trends vs Timelessness


When it comes to the debate between trends versus timelessness, Huxtable prefers timelessness, "I'd go for timelessness, like the Johnnie Walker Striding Man, every time, because it means being classy and keeping it classic. Trends, on the other hand, change based on seasons. For example, you may do loud colours with trends but it doesn't work all season. But with timelessness, you'd go for mid-range colours, more subtle colours. With regards to your suits, you'd do a mid-size lapel instead of extended lapels in keeping it timeless."

He also shared that if you're being trendy with your ties, you'd do huge ties, maybe three and a half to four-inch ties. Timelessness would keep it about two inches in width - those are timeless looks. Soft colours never go out of style.

For jackets or blazers, he discovered that men tend to wear blazers too short at times. That, he says, doesn't work for every occasion, "You should go midway, for timelessness purposes - not too long, not too short. In this way, you will be able to wear your suits or your blazers all season round. If you want to keep it timeless, stay away from loud colours in your closet and short blazers and over-extended-sized ties."


off the rack


Upfront prices of custom-made suits can be a turnoff for a few men. In regards to price, you will find that when you do go off the rack, it is very likely that you will have to do alterations. And based on the additional cost of that, it only makes sense that you buy a custom suit, which would probably work out to be the same. "The bespoke suit will be tailored for you based on your body type and your own individual personality. You can select the type of fabric that you want and the type of fit and it's much more comfortable to work with your whole individual style when you get something that is bespoke than off the rack," he revealed.

So how can you revamp your wardrobe for the season? Huxtable says keep it basic, "A man can never have too many blazers. Even if he only has two blazers in his closet, once they are the right colours, he will be able to pair them with just about anything and still look fashionable. Navy blue is a very versatile colour. You can pair your blazers with rough boots, a pair of khakis, a pair of jeans - anything really. Blazers can revamp your look extremely."

As an added bonus, we've include a few fashion don'ts for men as well:

- Wearing pants below your backside. Let's keep it real, no one wants to see your underwear.

- Wearing baggy, square-fitted suits. If you still have loose-fitting suits in your closet, and they are from good fabric, I'd suggest that instead of throwing them out, you go and get them altered.

- Incorrectly pairing odd colours together. This will make your outfit look like a costume. If you want to be taken seriously, stay away from having on too many colours. Colours are good, but you have to keep it subtle sometimes.