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Dance in the name of Love

Published:Thursday | December 14, 2017 | 7:18 PM

Outside a newly-wed's first kiss into nuptial bliss, the next highlight of any wedding is their first dance as husband and wife. This dance of love is crucial to the reception in that it sets the tone for the party to follow and gives guests a deeper insight into their personalities through song selection.

The first dance has evolved from just the traditional waltz to a frenzy of genres all jam-packed to ignite the fun factor and entertain the guests in the process. Here are a few things to consider when preparing for and executing your first dance:

Have something old and something new: This doesn't only apply to the bride. Remain true to the tradition and add a slow jams to the mix. It can be the song that means the most to you as a couple or a fave from either party. The slower the song, the more intimate you can become, and you can always seal the deal as much as you want with lovely kisses: after all, you're now husband and wife. Then you can switch it up and opt for something fresh, more upbeat that captures both of your characters.

The right genres: Ensure that both parties are as comfortable as possible. This is definitely the time to display your selfless love by choosing a genre that is admired by your partner, and dance together to it: I'm sure he or she will love you even more for it.

Get a choreographer: It might sound simple, but if you or the love of your life isn't a natural dancer, then you may need to look into seeking additional or professional assistance. These classes are also a great way to reconnect during the hectic wedding-planning process.

Don't get complicated: Complicated moves can lead to mistakes and mishaps you don't want being witnessed by your closest family members and friends. Instead, keep it as simple and as unique to you both as possible.

Dress rehearsal: It is important for the bride, in particular, to have a dress rehearsal or three privately to see if she can do all the moves in her dress.

Change in attire: If it is that your dream dress is too cumbersome to dance in, maybe you need to look into another option. Some brides choose to have a reception dress or change into a new dress, just for the dance.

Have fun: This is the time for the both of you. Have as much fun as possible together and dance like nobody's watching, in the name of love.

Aside from the bride and groom dance, the accompanying dances include the father-daughter and the mother-son dance. Although it is not deemed as significant as the first dance, it is important to pick the right song(s) to reflect how you both relate to each other. And if you so desire, you can show them some love through dance, too, and surprise your audience, that is your guests, with some choreography everyone will be sure to appreciate.