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F.A.B Wedding Photography

Published:Monday | December 18, 2017 | 12:00 AM
F.A.B Photography - Fernandez Barrett
F.A.B Photography - Fernandez Barrett
F.A.B Photography - Fernandez Barrett
F.A.B Photography - Fernandez Barrett
F.A.B Photography - Fernandez Barrett
F.A.B Photography - Fernandez Barrett

It is a day like no other. No matter how many rehearsals you go through, the feeling you get that moment when you are actually walking down the aisle or seeing her in that dress for the first time can only be caught once, and that is why wedding photography is so important.

For F.A.B Photography's Fernandez Barrett, it is the genuine moments, chemistry and fun moments that make him enjoy shooting this grand day. It also gives him great pleasure in capturing the detailed shots of decor, key shots with family members, portraits of bride and groom and bridal party.

"The best time for shooting is when it is overcast or from 4 p.m. to just after sunset. The lighting is soft across the landscape so there is no competition between the bride and the sun," he shared.

There are a few things that planners take for granted when it comes to photography that affect the quality of images.

1. The time of day and locations: While you are not planning your wedding for the photography, you should also ensure all these things align. How will an outdoor night event with dark decor and poor lighting translate on the photo? Dark.

2. Untidy rooms: Yes, you are getting dressed, but if you would like to capture this moment ensure that there is a clear area so that the tossed accessories are not captured. Also, give the photographer an idea of what you are wearing, so that they can plan accordingly.

3. Allowing photographer to see location after it has been decorated: Sometimes this allows for better movement of the photographer. If he is familiar with decor and setting, he is able to sift through the venue to capture that special moment that you cannot predict.

Admittedly for Barrett, there are also common mistakes made by photographers themselves that may spoil the perfect day.

1. Overexposing the bride's dress: A beautiful bridal gown can look like a white mess with too much exposure. All white without detail and unflattering when the dress with the right lighting is a masterpiece.

2. Obliterate the scenery: Sometimes the scenery adds to the mood of the night. Do not misuse it.

3. Equipment failure: Never walk with only one memory card or one battery. You cannot predict the time and the number of shots you will like and need to take, so always to be over-prepared.

4. Lighting: Always bring extra lighting, just in case.

5. Lens choices: Using one lens to shoot an entire wedding is a travesty. There are some shots where a wide angle is required.

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