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Stylishly Simple with Lotus

Published:Monday | December 18, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Floral bridal fascinator for those who want that headpiece that is flirty but understated.
An elegant birdcage for a bold statement in a subtle way.
A floral crown to add that pop of colour.
Adding a bit of jewellery to your hair with this jewelled hair comb.

While weddings are about the glitz, glamour and sparkle, sometimes it can be overdone when it comes to headpieces. In our efforts to look like the queen or princess that we imagined, we do get carried away. CEO for White Lotus Bridal Boutique, Kamala McWhinney, advises that the bride considers the embellishments on her dress and the general style when selecting the headwear.

"Depending on the bride, she can decide if the dress and the accessory together are too busy or distracting, etc," she tells Flair.

One of the most common mistakes that are made is the choice of the tiara. McWhinney notes that it is imperative that when going with the tiara option that the bride not only checks for style and size but the style with respect to how she is styling her hair. Also, the choice of tiara should complement the dress, not compete with it.

The elegantly jewelled hair comb, on the other hand, is often overlooked, but she notes that it is one of the best choices when it comes to hair.

"It can add sparkle and even a subtle pop of colour while picking up on the details of the bride's gown. Hair combs are available in different sizes and with diamante embellishments, as well as pearlesque embellishments. They are also available in silver tone and gold tone as well," she tells Flair.

Adding that pop of colour, the flower comb and crown is also a classy option without looking tacky. These pieces are best for garden and beach weddings. There is also the coloured bridal belt; however, one has to ensure that this is appropriate for the gown that they have chosen. Also, when it comes to waistbands or adding that flash of colour, one should ensure that they use only one colour versus multiple colours.

It can be difficult trying to find the right pieces and what is appropriate. However, McWhinney gave us five tips on how to pick any kind of accessory for that special day:

1. Despite what may be pressure from your entourage, be open to new styles but be guided by your personal preference. If you are uncomfortable on your wedding day, it is likely to show in some way. It is important to feel 'fancy' but to also feel like yourself.

2. Though some brides believe 'the more bling the better', it's important to try all the accessories together with the gown and critical assess if it fits your personal aesthetic, and also how your ensemble will look at all times and be photographed. How will it look even based on the time and type of wedding?

3. Leave room in the budget for your preferred accessories. Bling is very often expensive, and so it's important to budget accordingly.

4. In the past, brides would opt for necklaces, earrings, tiara and maybe gloves. It is now widely considered to be old-fashioned to wear every accessory possible. Less is more. A well-chosen accessory can go a long way and look more classy than four.

5. Rule of thumb, bejewelled statement neckline equates to preferably no necklace. This is especially the case if the dress has a halter neckline or a strap or straps.

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