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A True Love Story

Published:Thursday | December 14, 2017 | 10:12 PMRocheda Bartley
The beautiful bride, Lyndia Soutar (left) and her mom Mavie Romain at her wedding at the Courtleigh Hotel and Suites in Kingston.
The groom Christopher Soutar (centre), flanked by his groomsmen. From left: Christopher Barrett, Desmond Romain, Anthony McKenzie, and Lexford Earle, brother of the bride.
Bride Lyndia Soutar (centre), surrounded by her bridesmaids. From left: Glenys Scully, maid of Honor, Christine Henry-Russell, Althea McPherson & Christina Espeut, sister.
Lyndia Soutar and stepfather Rodney Romain.
Christopher and Lyndia Soutar seal their wedding day with one of several kisses.

Certainly, love has no boundaries, and this is one thing sales manager Lyndia and businessman Christopher Soutar can surely attest to.

The high-school sweethearts, now lifetime partners, have demonstrated their undying love to their friends and families. It was an awe-inspiring wedding ceremony that occurred last November at the Courtleigh Hotel and Suite in Kingston.

"We were just 15 years old when we met and became friends while attending the St Joseph's High School in Kingston," Lyndia Soutar said.

After high school, Lyndia migrated to New York to study and promised her soulmate that she would return upon completing her studies. In her early years abroad, the young lovers could not resist each other and kept in touch with constant letters and postcards.

"We never forgot birthdays and Valentine Days. Even today we have letters and post cards that we wrote to each other during those years," Lyndia told Flair.

Although she promised to return, much to their dismay plans changed, and she spent 18 years abroad. During this time, they both lived separate lives, but in 2006 their hearts reunited with even greater unconditional love. This time they decided never to leave each other's side.

The Soutars describe their nuptial hour as a beautiful and intimate occasion. Planned by the bride the fuchsia, silver and ivory themed wedding made the event spectacular. Although it was a success, the she hopes she never has to plan another.

The wedding got off on a great started, but then it got intense when the gorgeous bride started to walk down the aisle. For Christopher it was a teary moment. Tears of joy of course at the sight of the love of his life walking gracefully towards him. Lyndia had an unexpected moment.

"That was when I think I had the butterflies. At that time, it was like slow motion. I really wanted to bask in the moment, watching the eyes all around me," Lyndia Soutar explained.

The soulful songs from saxophonist Barbara Whitter and keyboardist Jerone Wison from the Jamaica Defence Force filled the evening with love.

Of all the moments in her life, this is the only thing Lyndia will never forget.

"It was my magical moment," Lyndia Soutar said.