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The Ways to ‘I Do’

Published:Monday | December 18, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The route to joining this man and this woman in holy matrimony is one expressed in bouts of love and happiness. Aspiring newly-weds want nothing more than to personalise how they say I do. And a major factor in determining the mood and setting the tone for their wedding is the location. Welcome to the Ways to 'I do'.

Lush Garden

If you and your significant other are lovers of nature, then the garden is a great place to have your wedding. According to wedding planner and owner of Petals and Promises, Kara-Ann Anderson, as it pertains to garden weddings, you can accessorise with your colours and use little decor to accentuate the beauty of the natural surroundings. "Garden weddings attract insects, closer to sunset, so warn your guests about that. It would be nice to provide decking in situations like these, especially for the dance floor, so guests aren't sinking in grass. You can offer your guests caps for their heels so they can walk easier. Or give them the option of wearing more comfortable footwear," she explained.

Beautiful Beaches

If you and your sweetheart are into breathtaking views, are big fans of the sea or the love the feel of sand beneath your feet, why not have a beach wedding? The same rules apply as garden weddings, as it relates to insects and decking of the dance floor. Anderson also added, "Comfort level is important when it comes to the great outdoor. Let your guests know whether or not flip-flops are welcome so they can have their toes in the sand. Put plans in place for large umbrellas and fan programmes - they're both functional with the potential heat and they're pretty. Speaking of heat, you can get a few porter cools to provide comfort for your guests. It would be better to use electronic candles because of the wedding factor. And centrepieces should be low and heavy to withstand any wind blowing. This can also be applied to garden weddings. Oh, beware of flying sand, too."

For both garden and beach weddings, lighting is definitely crucial for after hours. Then, she noted, couples should take into consideration the weather - will you need a tent? If you do need one, a solid top tent will work for a day wedding the best, and a clear top tent works for the reception.

Bright colours are always welcome for beach weddings. "Don't let your man dress in jacket or ties, dress like Cubans, light and airy. T-length, short dresses, hi-lo or maxi dresses are welcome for guests. And throw out cathedral crown for the bride, that'll be gone with the wind."

Going to the Chapel

The church is by far the most traditional setting for weddings. It, for one, provides a lot more structure than others. Anderson shared that some churches don't want to block the altar, and instead advises that you enhance the area. You have to consider the time of day because there might be other weddings. If the church is dark, you will have to ask for lighting, at an additional cost. "Some churches don't allow you to use rose petals because it messes with their flooring. Same can be said of candles, because people might kick it or turn it over. Some churches only let you use their pastors or a clergy from their church. They might ask you to use their organist."

She continued by noting that there are some who don't allow you to show your shoulders or have plunging necklines. That applies to the bride and the bridal party to even the guests, particularly those reading scriptures or participating in the programme during the wedding ceremony. Others don't mind. She says that it's best to have ushers to help with distributing programmes and seating.

But it provides amazing structure and you can go as fancy as you want in terms of dress code.