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Have You Been Naughty or Nice - Self Care Edition

Published:Monday | December 25, 2017 | 12:31 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

While you might have been nice to others would you make the naughty or nice list as it pertains to self-goals and self-care?  

As the new year approaches many times one might get into a pensive state. Persons look back on the year wondering if we accomplished what they had set out to or if they even made plans to achieve said goals.

Sometimes the closing year is seen as being satisfactory where even though the end result was not achieved, there was some headway was made.  There are also times we feel success but at the other end of the spectrum, we feel like we just could have done more. We did not take care of our personal growth as well as we could. 

So we might be nice people but can we truly say that we have been nice to ourselves for 2017 or were we naughty?

I think I treated myself well or nice this year. I have been heavily focused on my health- a holistic approach. I now take more natural supplements over pharmaceuticals lots of herbs. I also believe that I have met my short term goal of expanding my business. In spite of a few shortcomings overall it's a nice for me.
Deandra Matherson

I wanted to get out there with makeup and I did. But the health was an epic failure, so I guess I have to say a bit of both.
Casandra Smith

I have been nice for 2017.  All didn't work accordingly to plan but it's ending quite well. 2018 Iwill be building on this platform that I have already started. 
Dorian Beckford

I would say that I have been nice but next year I plan to get more into my fitness, go out for me more.. Cerene Davis

I have been Nice. For 2017 I have accomplished 90% of my of my targets for this year.
For 2018 I will continue to adapt my strategy of writing down my goals for the year and divide them per quarter (every 4 months). Writing my goals down makes them real and tangible and when you check things off that list that sense of accomplishment drives you to do even more. #purposedriven2018.
Meisha Richardson

The year has been both naughty and nice for me. There were a few challenges, however, even those have helped me grow. In 2018,I plan to project growth, and flex my new muscles and build some, so that the things that I will accomplish things I didn't. 
Lori-Ann Lindo

I've been nice. At the beginning of the year I wrote down a couple of things I wanted to achieve by year end and I'm proud to say that I've achieved them all before year end. 2018 I intend to follow the same procedure I did this year to achieve my goals.
Jomanda Rosegreen

I've been both nice and naughty. Nice in the sense that I've accomplished a few of my personal goals and put myself first, instead of others, for a change. And I've been naughty as far as career goes, but I've already put plans in place to right those wrongs by the beginning of 2018.
Amoni Anderson

Spiritually definitely nice. I have been more focused on ensuring I don't gain the world and lose my soul. For fitness unfortunately naughty, slacked off on my fitness program and ended up aborting the mission.

For 2018 I will be kinder to my health and fitness regime because I only get one body.
Sheena-Kaye McFarlane