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How to Cope With Grief This Holiday

Published:Monday | December 25, 2017 | 12:39 AMLatara Boodie

The first holiday without a love one can be a very daunting experience. Not only will you miss the simple things such as their laugh or the smell of their favorite perfume, but the experiences they loved the most about the holidays will be amplified. There are both positive and negative ways of coping with grief during the holidays. As humans it is natural to allow the many negatives of grief to consume us. However, with great effort, you can get through this season with Flair Magazine’s 5 Tips on how to cope with grief during the holidays.


1. Avoid Being Alone.

As much as you would want to, avoid cancelling plans and spending time alone during the holidays. It is ok to be away from the crowd, however, do not isolate yourself. Give yourself some time to grieve and remember your loved one, but try and balance it with planned activities with close friends and family members.


2. Try New Things.

 You may have had your own traditions or rituals that you enjoyed doing with the person. Some persons may find these traditions unbearably painful while others  find comfort partaking in them. Try to analyse your feelings to see what you are comfortable with doing. Be open to creating new traditions.


3. Surround Yourself With Love.

    Have people that are genuine and have shown unconditional love throughout your life around you in this time of need. They are the best persons to look towards for comfort.


4. Allow yourself to Grieve.

    Pretending that everything is ok is the worst thing to do while when grieving. Allow yourself to feel every emotion that surfaces and let it out of your system. Whether it be anger, joy, sadness, do not bottle it up.


5. Be Realistic.

    This is the first holiday without your loved one. It will not be the same as the previous years. Examine whether you can manage the responsibilities and tasks which you have had in the previous years. Allow others to help you and delegate different tasks either done by you or your loved one to different people.