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Santa Baby After Dark

Published:Monday | December 25, 2017 | 12:46 AMKrysta Anderson

Deck your halls with fire and passion. Falalalala lalalala. 'Tis the season for some action! You know the rest. Christmas is  here, and after you’ve opened all the gifts, had dinner with the family and friends, and put the children to sleep, what happens next? That’s where Santa Baby After dark comes into sexy play. Tease and please your partner in obvious yet unexpectedly jolly ways. Here’s how:


Mr and Mrs Claus Role Play: Since it’s the time to give, sit in your Santa’s lap and tell him all the wild things you would want to do to him. If he grants your wishes with verbal consent then you treat him the gift breathtaking, heart racing and tear jerking pleasure. Be sure to put in a few requests for yourself as well and receive all the rewards you deserve.

Naughty or Nice? Has he or she been nice or naughty? Save one more gift to exchange with your significant at Santa Baby After dark session, that reflects your sweetheart’s behaviour all year round. The present should be something that you can both enjoy together. Get creative, if she has been nice, shower her with a prize guaranteed to entice her fantasy. Turn up the ante by offering him something sultry that he has always wanted, if he has been naughty in a nice way.  

Cake, Cookies and Candy Cane in between: Nothing screams, moans or groans Merry Christmas more than the indulgence of something sweet. So fellas, whether you prefer  gingerbread cookies or Christmas cake, tantalise your tastebuds with her natural flavour. And ladies, make him your candy shop and don’t be afraid to devour his candy cane.

Stuff her stockings: We may not practice the traditional stuffing on stockings on Christmas Eve, but if your Santa Baby dresses up provocatively in stockings, why wouldn’t Santa want to stuff her? Enough said.

Present under the Christmas Tree: The best gifts can be found under the Christmas tree, so bows and all, get to hunting under her Christmas Tree for explore the greatest treasure any man could find, basking in both the passionate journey and the erotic destination.

Play with the Mistletoe: I know mistletoe are usually employed for kissing purposes for which lips? Make your mistletoe mobile and savour kissing each other here, there and everywhere!