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Share Love This Christmas!

Published:Monday | December 25, 2017 | 12:38 AM

Christmas, the day you have all being waiting for is finally here. By now the sorrel must have been prepared, the delicious fruitcake with fruits you have been macerating in liquor all year must be in oven, and the peas spiced in coconut milk must be bubbling in the pot. For many, it is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with exciting holiday greetings and happy meetings. It is also, a time to show love. As you bask in this joyful moment, here is how you can share love this Christmas.

Be thankful for your family’s presence

Family members will draw from near or far to celebrate. Some may come as Santa Claus loaded with special gifts while others may not. Gifts do not matter on Christmas. Instead your aunt or brother, who you haven’t seen in ages, is what matters. Remember, now is the time for good cheers and festivity, so show your family that you care.

Lend a helping hand

At Christmas your help is well appreciated. Husbands it is worthwhile for you to help around the house, make the bed perhaps and wives why don’t you return the favour. Your elderly neighbours could also need your hand in dressing up their home or preparing their meals.  In every way you help, you are guaranteed to make someone feel loved this Christmas.

Share with others

You must have heard “love is patient and love is kind,” it’s true, but also love is yours and now it’s time to share. Who you share with is your choice. Whatever you do, even if you get it done by the skin of your teeth, ensure you share the joy of Christmas with someone who needs it.

Tell someone you love them

In the midst of the excitement that surrounds the season; do not forget to tell some you love them. Simply saying I love you can transform a gray sky into all different shades of blue and especially on Christmas. It could be your mother, a friend, or someone who is experiencing difficult times.

Mend broken hearts

This does not mean that you should get on your knees and beg for the heart of you past lover, because once the fire is gone from between the both of you, it perhaps cannot be rekindled. However, it means putting away petty arguments and meaningless separations, coming together and having a great time on Christmas day and thereafter. You should even try this with prickly in-laws.