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5 Day Minimalist Challenge

Published:Monday | January 1, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie

Before you start writing that long impressive list of new year's resolutions, take a look at this. Each year we try to begin a new journey with a different set of ideals, an extraordinary amount of zeal and a firecracker attitude that we expect to last throughout the year. It starts off with one loaded list, that at first glance, might send you into cardiac arrest due to the sheer weight and importance of each milestone.

By the third week into the new year, many of us have long forgotten these new set of goals and have fallen back into our regular routine and opt to ride life's current for the rest of the year. It is easier to stick to the evil that we know than challenge ourselves to try new things. Much of this has to do a lot with what we are surrounded by.

Before you start implementing new standards to your life, start with decluttering what is already there. A minimalist challenge is an ideal way to remove whatever is in excess and create space for the things that are genuinely beneficial to your life. The challenge is broken down into days which allows you to tackle small areas of your life and liberate your environment to promote growth.

Try this 5-day minimalist challenge to create the environment you need for a more fulfilling new year.

Day 1. Purge

your wardrobe

The first place to tackle is the wardrobe. If you haven't worn something for over a year, it's time to get rid of it. Stop holding on to things that do not even fit but are sentimental. You will probably only see them while moving them out of the way to look for the clothes that you want to find. You do not need 20 of the same T-shirts in the same style! Cut down your wardrobe to the basics. Donate the clothes and shoes you haven't worn in awhile to a charity of your choice. If they are in good condition, why not turn them into quick cash?

Day 2. Let's not

get digital

Let the deleting game begin! The best place to declutter is your personal devices such as your phone, tablet, and laptop. Start with your photo album, and get rid of old pictures and videos that you haven't seen in months. If it is an important memory, save it on an external device such as a memory card that you can find whenever you need it. If you cannot remember the last time you used a particular app, then you do not need it and it also needs to go. Your phone memory will thank you for this.

Day 3. Downsize

your purse

I know many of us are trying to get fit, but carrying an overstuffed purse, all day, everyday, can get tiring. You do not need everything that is inside of your purse. Stick with the basics. Money, toiletries, lip product, keys and gum/mint. You will be surprised how much easier it is to find things when you know exactly what is inside your bag.

Day 4. Shake up

the make-up

If your make-up is over the timeline, its time to toss it. Mascara - three months. Eyeshadow - two years for powder; one year for cream. Eyeliner - three to six months. Foundation - one year. Concealer - one year. Blush and bronzer - two years. Lipstick - one year. Lip gloss - one year. Make-up brushes - one to five years (depending on quality). Sponges - one month. Nail polish - one year.

Day 5. Room Decor

More space inside your room can help to clear the mind and there is a proven art in feng shui. Choosing simple decor that is useful yet pleasing to the eye will aid in focusing and reducing stress. Keep only the things that are a necessity, and watch your productivity increase at home.

This is just the start. Move on to other areas of your life and declutter. Less is always more, and clearing out the old will make room for new and more exciting experiences to enter your life.