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5 Ways To Up Your Selfie Game

Published:Monday | January 1, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie
Contributed Photo Tresa Mcpherson was ready for her selfie with DJ sparks but not before getting lensed by our photogs.
Susanna O'Sullivan (second left), FLOW’s senior director, IT service assurance and deployment, shares a selfie with students at the International Telecommunications Union’s Girls in Information and Communication Technology Day Caribbean Hackathon.

Why do we take photos? Whether it is on vacation, at a family event, a reunion, or just hanging out with friends, we want to remember the exact moment. Our memories are just not sufficient enough, and most of us cannot even recall what we wore a few days ago. We know by seeing the photo that we can recapture the experience and savour it again and again.

However, with the many social-media outlets that specialise in the display of photos, many have fallen victim to the notorious selfie. A selfie is the act of taking one's own photo portraying only the profile of one's self. More often than not, the selfie eliminates the background, ambience and the overall experience.

It is said that a photograph is worth a thousand words; however, a selfie of just your profile is not. This year, try these five tips to make your photos more meaningful again and give your social-media accounts a lot more character than just a pretty face.

1. Use your environment

Most selfies are taken at arm's length way above the head, which, to be honest, gives a bobble head appearance. The shot is pointing down and the only surroundings you see is usually the ground. If it wasn't for that witty Instagram caption or geotag, how would you know where the photo was taken? Angle the shot to take in as much of your surroundings as you can.

2. Use The Timer

and a Tripod

Every camera has a timer, but how many of us really use it? Set the camera exactly where you want it, press the timer and run to the place. This method is fun and not entirely staged. It's also equivalent to having your own personal photographer.

3. Take Pictures

With People

Looking back on old photos with friends stirs up a lot more emotion than looking at an old photo of yourself. You get to see how much your friends have changed, and the photo itself becomes a time capsule. Incorporate as much of the people you care about in your photos.

4. Wicked Angles

Instead of the regular, boring direct shot, why not try an angled shot? Give your photos dimension by positioning the camera in different places. Place the camera below you, while climbing a tree, or use a wide angle to appear farther away than you actually are. Get creative.

5. Have Fun With Settings

You have no idea how many different looks you can get from the same phone camera by making a few tweaks to your camera settings. You can adjust the lighting, change the hue, and even add a filter. There is power in every camera, do not be afraid to use it.