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Add a 'Lyttle' Oomph to your style with Angelique's Collection

Published:Monday | January 1, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
Model Sebrena Bernard shows you that there is no way you can be missed in this mixture of green and grey.
If you can look sassy going to a soiree, you can also keep it hip in the office in this sharp grey suit.
Elegance and power are two statuses you are sure to depict when wearing this red blindsiding dress.
Stylist Sue-Ann Lyttle and daughter Angelee are showing you how you can look glamorous with your little lady.
If you want to make a stunning mother-daughter duo appearance, this red and black outfit is one of your best choices.
In a dress as stunning as this one worn by Cameisha Campbell, you will have all eyes set on you.

It's a new year and you know what that means? It's time to put oomph in your style. Another year has ended, nevertheless, do not be daunted, there is no need to let it pass with your sense of style. Continue to keep it chic and posh while making gallant fashionable statements that no one can ever dare to contend. This year, Lyttle Angelique's Collection, a nascent clothing line should be on your priority list when you start yearning for that glamorous look.

Sue-Ann Lyttle, the talented fashion stylist and proprietor of the clothing line has recently completed her rite of passage into the domineering fashion industry, but there is absolutely no way you can tell. Lyttle darns her magic from her home in Ziadie Gardens, Kingston. According to her, designing is a gift that flows through the family blood, having inherited the craft from her grandmother.

Like many young girls, she started out weaving clothes for dolls from the very moment she could hold a needle. However, it was during her teenage years that she recognised her precious and envied talent and wholeheartedly began to nuture her crafty skills. At this time, she began making simple pieces of clothing and items of soft furnishing such as sheet sets, cushions, and curtains.

Today, she makes some the most stunning designs while living by her mantra, "You are your product and your outfit is your packaging. Always put your best self forward".

Her brand Angelique's Collection is inspired by her daughter's name Angelee. She designs attires for all occasions, ranging from the sassy business outfit to an elegant appearance that will keep all eyes stuck on you.




Jazzing up your style with apparel from Lyttle Angelique's Collection, will have you reflecting grace, beauty, and opulence.

"My designs are inspired by a number of factors. Some of these include utilising available resources, participating in complete transformation to achieve the best look, matching clients' personality and/or style, improving confidence, and achieving pieces unique to the client," Lyttle told Flair.

With some of her designs reflecting her personality, her primary aim is to marry your fashion tastes with each piece.

"Although, I sometimes encourage certain choices, I always try to allow each client to maintain their individuality," Lyttle said.




Designing perfect garments, especially to match someone's style, can be extremely tedious, and at times, challenging. For Lyttle, it's all fun, getting every stitch right and making each client smile.

"The creative process of designing is uniquely beautiful. Despite how manageable or difficult the technique I use to achieve a product is, the end result is beyond satisfying both to my clients and [me]. The radiance of a smile, the squeal or nod of satisfaction or the proud displays of confidence are fuel to the process for me," she said.

Motivated by other established designers such as Carlton Brown, Lyttle also returns the favour by encouraging other young designers to express and shape their talent. She organises expositions that allow young designers to showcase their skills. These events she believes propel personal development and recognition for the young burgeoning fashion geniuses.

As you strive to make an alluring appearance, Lyttle wants you to always remember:

"Your outfit is like a second layer of you, the layer you can perfect."