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Kelly's World | Don't come back, 2017

Published:Thursday | December 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM

First things first. I didn't have a Kelly's World Awards for 2017 because money did well tight.

But, we can say it was a mixed-bag sort of year, wasn't it?

Among the highs were Davina Bennett's Miss Universe placing (she pretty, sah) in the international competition.

The Reggae Boyz had a great run to the Gold Cup final but dem lose.

However, karma got its revenge when the US, who beat us in the finals, missed out on the World Cup. A baaaay!

Plus, we have to be thankful weather-wise, because despite the rains we got, the damage was nothing compared to our poor neighbours, including Dominica and St Maarten. In comparison, I think Jamaica was quite blessed/lucky. God know, we couldn't take dem damage deh.

But look yah nuh, we did have some saltness too. Remember the World Championships inna London? Weh is like Jamaica couldn't buy a gold medal?

Not only that, di big man finish third? And of all the people to win the race, Drugstin, I mean, Justin Gatlin? No sah, dat deh World Champs was crasses from start to finish.

Don't get me started on the violence in MoBay and other parts of the island. To ZOSO or not to ZOSO, that was the question.

Some did want it and couldn't get it, some did get it and never want it. Then there were some who never want it, but once dem get it, said "OK" and moved on.




The guns did more barking than the dogs this year, and remember di whole heap weh dem find a port. Sigh.

Speaking of firearms, looks like the only person who never get nuh gun from the Firearm Licensing Authority was me. Mi want justice!

St Mary South East got more attention in one by-election than it has ever had. Wonder if di road dem betta?

There are some things that still have me scratching my head. First was the flood inna MoBay. Look yah nuh man, I swear I was looking at pictures of Florida or Houston, when I saw so much water.

Another head scratcher is how Vybz Kartel song dem still a run di place, although di man well lock up.

Speaking of locked up, the original gold teet don gorgon promptly got himself behind bars, for a loooong time. God go with him.

Some a di pastor dem did a gwaan too bad too, enuh. For a time there, they were spending as much time in jail as the people they're supposed to be helping to change. Yeesh!

On the international scene, a madman officially took office in the US, and then he promptly picks a fight with a man who he knows for sure has nuclear weapons. Heaven help us all!

Mi know mi lef out nuff tings, but I need to say a few things to 2018.

Now look here missa man, nobada wid di foolishness like yuh bredda.

So everything weh never go so right, mek it right-er. And anything weh did go good, it must go good-er! Yuh hear me? A one time me a talk.


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