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Noreta Lewis ‘Made it through the Valley’ to find her prince charming!

Published:Monday | January 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM

On Saturday, November 18, gospel singer Noreta Lewis was all smiles as she walked down the aisle . She was dealing with a myriad of emotions ranging from nervousness to excitement ... it was all worth it to merge her life with the man she loved - David Prince.

With a smile she said that she was soothed somewhat by the two persons who walked on either side of her during the short walk which would change her life forever. "While I walked down the isle with my mom, Queen Victoria Lewis on one side and Ken Nelson on the other, I sang to my husband. I felt like I was in a beautiful dream and at that moment, everything became perfect," she shared with Flair.

Reflecting on Prince, the man she is looking forward to spending the rest of her life with, Lewis said that she met him in Edmonton, Canada, years ago at a Berean church where she was a guest artiste.

She said that she was drawn to his gentle spirit, his gentlemanly character, his kindness, and his humorous personality.

"To be honest, at first, I just saw him as a wonderful friend. But he was persistent and consistent in expressing his intention the old fashioned, romantic way. My heart eventually melted, and I was love-struck," she told Flair with that ever-present smile.


During their courtship, she discovered a lot of other qualities, which went a long way in cementing her love and respect for him.

"His love for people in general, his relationship with his parents and his sons and also the relationship that he has developed with my family," she said highlighting some of her husband's qualities.

Now, almost three weeks into their union, Lewis said that it has been a relatively easy transition sharing her space with him and adjusting to being 'two and not one'.

"Our marriage officer Bishop Evon Mullings from the Full Life Deliverance Ministries, did an excellent job as he helped to prepare us for this new chapter. So far, I am enjoying it," she revealed.

She is also thankful for that "great piece of advice" a friend gave her before marriage as she said that it stood out from all the others she received - "it was OK to be shy at first because eventually things would fall into place."

As Lewis looks to the future with her husband, she said that she is already envisioning them growing old together as they continue to support each other in fulfilling their missions and dreams. "Basically, we are in this to make each other's lives better," she quipped.

Reaching out to those who have already taken the path before her and those planning to, Lewis said a lot of people are losing faith in marriages as unfaithfulness is rampant, thus the reason she is encouraging them to "wait until the feelings exceed the flesh". She continued, "Pay attention to the little details like how your partner treats his or her parents, and just about anyone around them. This will give you an indication of how you will be treated. I waited, yes, I waited and now I have found my soul mate," she happily stated.

Lewis who hails from Bull Bay, St Andrew won the Jamaica Gospel Song Competition in 2002 with her entry. I'll Make It Through The Valley, she was also the 'Song Writer of the Year'.

Fast track to 15 years later, and the song is still ministering to those who are facing "the valley experience".

Lewis has since been ministering all over the world in places like Canada, Antigua, USA, London, The Cayman Islands, St Lucia, and Montserrat, sharing the stage with international acts such as Shirley Caesar, Ron Kenoly, Marvia Providence, Alvin Slaughter, Nicole C. Mullin, and a host of local acts.