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Okay, 2018 let's talk

Published:Monday | January 8, 2018 | 12:00 AM

If bright and sunny Jamaica can be this cold in January, there's no way I'm heading to farin in winter.

The cold front that hit Jamaica late last week was not for the warm-blooded. Trust me, it did well 'cowl', not just cold.

At least, I can say I know what a bit of cold breeze look like.

I guess that's the beauty of life, you never know what it will bring at any given time.

A new year is especially a time when people will see many new possibilities.

On January 1, you always think to yourself that you have all of 364 more days (well, 365 more in a leap year) to do all the things you dreamed of over the latter part of the previous year.




But considering how fast the years have been moving, before you know it, it's August.

Seriously, it's like life is moving by faster and faster these days.

Feels like it was 2015 just a minute ago. Where has the time gone? Can't even say time flies when you're having fun because much of it has been a bit of hard sledding.

I don't make resolutions. Never seem to be able to keep them. Heck, I can't even remember them by the time it hits March.

I guess I would remember them better if I actually remembered to write them down. Oh well.

I think I might actually try to lose some weight this year, though. Let's just say I'm an advocate for wearing pants with room, and alas, I seem to be running out of it.

Furthermore, any social setting I'm in these days, if someone is calling to me and doesn't know my name, they're likely to call me 'Biggs'.

If I was a tad taller, let's say, 6' 2", I wouldn't mind. But when you're only 5' 7" (or maybe a little shorter by now because I slouch so much), carrying weight ain't a good idea.

Of course, I'll have to wait 'til about February or so, because everybody is in the gyms and fitness centres to start the year.

When they lose interest (which will be about as fast as Bolt in his prime), then I'll go. Place a go too ram yah now.




To all those people who say they're going to learn new languages, try new hobbies, and explore new countries, good fi unnu!

Di only new language I need to learn is cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin and dem ting deh.

Di only new hobby I want to try next is how to juggle fresh cash with the cash I have right now (which is not much).

And the only new country I want to visit is the parts of Jamaica me nuh reach yet. Trust me, there are places on this little island whe mek it look like a one farin tropical location yuh gone.

And is a whole heap a dem place deh I don't know, much less visit.

Dat a my resolution fi 2018. (Di real) Jamaica, here I come. (Maybe).

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