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Extend it or nah? Hair's why

Published:Monday | January 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM

"You better call Becky with the good hair!" Queen Bey had every girl singing that last line of her song, Sorry. And we all know the reason for that bold statement. But it got Flair thinking: how do men really feel about hair extension? Their comments will surprise you!

- I have no problem with women wearing extensions, as long as they feel comfortable and it looks appropriate.

- A.M., 26, Angels, Spanish Town


- I think natural hair is better. Fake hair looks nice and all, but I prefer a woman to make her natural look work unless the extensions are necessary because her regular hair is damaged or something.

- D.B. 23, Beverly Hills


- I love it because it enhances a female's appearance.

- K.B. 25, Spanish Town


- I have no problem with extensions once you look good without it, too.

- D.E. Molynes Road, St Andrew


- To each his own. If done neatly, I don't mind. But it's when it looks like a rat's nest that I turn my nose up at it.

- P.S., 25 Eltham, Spanish Town


- I'm not a fan! Especially for women who don't need it. There are some who honestly need it, and I guess it's a confidence booster where appearance is concerned. Thank God for the natural trend that's back in.

- M.G. 30, Ensom City,

Spanish Town


- I'm cool with extensions. Sometimes the extra hair does a lot for the face.

- S.H., 21, Papine, St Andrew


- I don't mind it at all. My whole perspective on hair that is not yours is that as long as you wear your hair sometimes for me to see, I'm fine with it.

- R.B., 26

- I don't like it. My woman wears it and I complain. Though, admittedly, it always looks nice on her, not necessarily on others. I just prefer to know that my woman is all natural and doesn't need any enhancements to be beautiful. Additionally, it kills me. It kills my mojo in bed because I like to grab on to hair. I hate to feel the tracks, and women don't really like when we mess up their weave. It's annoying.

- D.S. 28, Havendale, St Andrew


- I don't like it. It adds to the idea that anything black or African isn't beautiful and increases the 'eurocentricity' of beauty, which is just ridiculous.

- M.C. 20, Red Hills

- Personally, I don't like weave, but I've grown to understand that women do it for various reasons.

- M.M. 27, Constant Spring, St Andrew