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Pubic preference

Published:Monday | January 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Women these days are all about baring it all, especially when her male counterparts are going down under. But some are of the view that their should be taken as they are, in their natural state. For our hair edition, Flair has flipped the script and asked a few men what was their pubic preference on a woman: do they prefer her to be bushy or non-bushy?

- I like it non-bushy, because I have no time to be walking with a tail comb to part here and there.

- D.E., 28, physiotherapist


- Let's put it this way: a well-manicured lawn is always preferred to a forest or a desert. And if it's going to be a desert, it needs to be a very smooth desert, not one with rocks and stones and bumps all over.

- M.T., 34, brand manager


- I like it mixed. Sometimes I like it bald, but from a woman can take care of herself, I'm all for the bush, too.

- B.G., 32, graphic designer


- I prefer non-bushy because it reveals more for me. I like to see the natural, God-blessed fluff that was given to her right in front of me.

- M.W., 29, mixologist


- I like it neat with a little cut, not wild but not bald. Why? It's kind of comforting to be running my hand 'through that fro bouncin' on 24s'. R. Kelly inspired for her ignition, I guess.

- S.H., media student


- It needs to be scorched. Like all hair burned off, or a little snub. For me, it's more aesthetic.

- A.R., 33, web designer


- I like it non-bushy for presentation purposes. It just looks better to me. Plus, I see all that she's carrying myself.

- M.F., car salesman


- I like it with hair but not too much - shaved and lined that looks sexy. Hairy looks unkempt, while bald looks weird. Too much hair feels uncomfortable while having sex, but bald feels great. So I like an in-between state.

- A.H., 27, architect


- I like it well-groomed. It has to be encouraging. I don't like searching for things, but I don't mind having a comfortable play area either.

- T.B., 40, hotel manager


- For me, I prefer no hair, it looks cuter to me and it entices my appetite.

- R.G. 32, accountant


- It's more visually appealing and more pleasant to the touch, pun intended. I also consider bush to be more of a masculine phenomenon.

- D.S. 29, writer


- I don't really have a preference still, but if I'm going to eat, I'd rather the entrance shaved.

- A.J., 28, dental student


- I'd say hairy because she shouldn't have to shave constantly just to appeal to me, yet I, as a man, am not required to do much appearance-wise to appeal her.

- M.C., 20, literature student.


- I don't really care about the outside, it's what's inside that counts.

- R.W. 23, mechanic


- I love it bald. It's more hygienic, in my opinion. We sweat in the pubic areas and hair will carry the scent. Otherwise, it just looks better.

- M.G. 30, visa analyst