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Ettenio's Antoinette Davis' chops

Published:Monday | January 22, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Healthy Hair: Etteniochop
Macadamia Deluxe Hair Butter
Healthy Hair: Etteniochop
Healthy Hair: Etteniochop
Healthy Hair: Etteniochop

What is the best way to truly understand your clients? To live through their experience. Antoinette Davis, founder and CEO of Ettenio hair and body products, did just that recently when she did the big chop.

Davis had her hair processed when she was just 10 years old. For over 30 years, she wore her hair like that, and the thought of going 'natural' never occurred to her until she conceptualised her children's haircare line a few months ago. Seeing how excited both parents and children were at the results, was enough to make her think of how she would feel if her hair was natural.




She did a mini transition, so that when she did the big chop, she would have something to work with. During this time, she found herself having to get creative with her styles, many of which did not go very well.

"I tried braiding, hoping it would give me a long protective style, but after five days in, the first time I tried it and two on the second attempt, I decided I just couldn't manage the tension on my scalp. For me to be taking ibuprofen so that I could sleep after braiding or corn rowing my hair, was just too much pain in the name of beauty. I tried a wig for five minutes, but the heat was inexplicable and unbearable!" Davis told Flair.

But what made the transition period better for her was her line of products. Following the instructions she usually gives her clients, her Clean Start Shampoo, Cocolicious Deep Conditioner, Twenty Four 7 Leave-in Treatment, Wheat Germ and Honey Shampoo, Moisture Infusion Deep Conditioner and Free At Last Leave-in Treatment on a wash day became her best friends.

After the big chop, Davis acquired a new form of self-awareness. She was not only excited about her new look, but she felt beautiful. She says her short hair highlighted her facial features, including those she shared with her son - something she was never conscious of before.

What she realised with her hair, was that it was just like the Jamaican motto - out of many one people. A beautiful blend of beautiful kinks, curls, and coils. She tries to treat each strand based on their needs. She finds herself going to The Chocolate Espresso Hair Masque, the Macadamia Deluxe Butter, the Queen of Coils and the Nourishing Mist from her adult line. But to assist with detangling, she goes to the kid's line.

"The Kid's Dreamsicle moisturiser continues to blow me away with the amount of moisture it gives my hair, and how seamlessly it melts into my hair," she told Flair.

Now that she is a naturalista, she realises how much she was missing out on her products, especially her Queen of Coils line. She is very excited about trying them all and seeing how her hair reacts. Using it in clients' hair and seeing the results was one thing, but seeing it on her own brings her joy and amazement.

The only struggle for Davis is what many naturalistas face, HIH - Hand in Hair syndrome. But right now, she is just overjoyed by the experience. Davis plans to share her journey with her customers through social media so that they can see how the products are working on her natural tresses.

"I invite everyone to follow my journey on Instagram and Facebook and share their own stories with the hashtag #journeywithettenio, so that my journey can open up a discussion and platform for others to share their journey, and in the process impact lives in a meaningful way, through God's divine guidance," she added.

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