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Fight bad hair days with stunning wigs from Weave Darling

Published:Monday | January 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
Weave Darling
Weave Darling
Weave Darling
Weave Darling
Weave Darling

As women, one of our ultimate goals is to always appear fabulous. Naturally, we yearn for our outfits to be stunning, to have an immaculately polished glow through flawless make-up artistry, and to wear striking hair that earns us lasting first expressions. Sometimes it's a struggle to always be fabulous, especially when bad hair days creep upon us like a tiger silently encroaching on its prey. But Andrene Smith, manager of Weave Darling, has provided a solution to the struggles with gorgeous hair.

Spearheading a team of talented hair experts, Smith understands that although life is not perfect, there is no excuse not to have the perfect hair to suit your style and personality. Providing top-notch wigs, dubbed the best form of protective hairstyles Weave Darling is unmatched in the hair industry.

"Our hair is imported from Europe. The units are very flat and neat, which usually takes longer hours to accomplish. Also, I've recently revisited sewing them on the sewing machine for a more durable, lighter, and more professional finish. Additionally, the cap that is used is the professional-grade wig cap, which is more breathable than to the dome cap," she explained.




The self-taught wigmaker has been in the business for three years and is always working to improve her skills through research. Her aim is to refine new techniques, thereby making them her own.

"Wigs have become such a helpmate in our daily lives, when made well. They have become a very cost- and time-effective option for women who are interested in always looking neat and well kept. And wigs offer a sense of normalcy to women who are suffering from hair loss due to varying medical or lifestyle reasons," Smith told Flair.

Referencing the durability of the wigs, Smith boasts that the hair can last up to five years or more depending on how well it is cared. This simply gives you power to combat unexpected episodes of uncontrollable and untamed hair.

It's foolish to think that wigs are one dimensional. Smith's wigs are versatile and can be styled repeatedly without exhausting the hair. If you want to shine in the corporate world, a modish curly hair is just right for you. And with the 360 frontal, lac,e or frontal closures, no one will be able to tell it's not your naturally grown hair.




Eliminating bad hair days are not merely about working wigs. Similarly to how you care your natural hair, you must care the wigs. Smith has recommend the following tips.

Keep the hair moisturised and clean to maintain the health of the hair. You must wash your extensions at least twice per month to prevent stripping the hair of its natural oils and nutrients and you can co-wash the hair with an effective conditioner once per week.

Try to minimise breakage as much as possible. Always use a soft paddle brush in the weave to minimise breakage and using silk or satin caps while sleeping can also prevent friction, which leads to drying out and breakage.

Do not bleach the hair unless it is 100% human hair. It is also recommended that you deep condition hair after bleaching to re add the moisture.