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The beauty in a game of football

Published:Monday | January 29, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
Rudolph Speid
Boys' Town FC's Jermaine "Tuffy" Anderson (left) and Montego Bay United's Ladale Richie (right) battle for a high ball during their Red Stripe Premier League match at the Barbican Field in Kingston on Wednesday January 17. The match ended 0-0.

Jogo bonito! If you're a football enthusiast, you should know exactly what I mean. It's simply: 'play beautiful'. After all, football is, as they say, a beautiful game. Football, however, can be more than a game. For some women, it's the audacious rival that tries to steal your mate, and wins most times. And for others, it's a tool that connects them to the rest of the world. But what is, that makes football the gem it is claimed to be?

Rudolph Speid, head coach of the Cavalier Soccer Club in Kingston, told Flair that the beauty in a game of football lies both on and off the field.

"Football players are fine specimens of human beings with a perfect psyche. The skill set [of the players] is usually breathtaking. Also, it encompasses many other sports including running, hurdling, and throwing the ball. With a pitch that is perfectly marked out and has grass, and the spectators who are dressed in different colours to match their teams ... you will get a beautiful game," Speid explained.




There is more to football than merely a winger tactfully passing the ball to a midfielder, who then passes it to the forward, who hits the jackpot with the winning goal. There's power in the game to change lives and cease wars.

Surely, Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, the Brazilian legendary footballer more commonly known as PelÈ, and his then football team Santos quelled the Nigerian Civil War in 1967 for two days. The ceasefire allowed the opposing sides in the war to unite and peacefully watch as Santos played the Nigerian national football team then known as Green Eagles.

And there is more.

"People from different backgrounds can come to a football match and forget their differences. The game also empowers millions of people, and is a source of entertainment. It is fitness and footwork exercises for cricketers," Speid explained.

He added, "I believe the world would have been much worse without football."

There are several things you can learn from the unceasingly discussed game; you need only pay keen attention.

"The result is never guaranteed. No matter what you do, the ball is round, so anything can happen. Translate this to life and it's the same. You can do everything that is right and succeed or still fail. And if you do all the wrong things you will absolutely lose," he said.

Speid is not the only person who can clearly identify the beauty in the sport. Football lovers do, too. Here's how they see the beauty of the sport:

"As a universal sport, no matter what language a player speaks, when they get on the field of play, every player only speaks one language."

Cardionne Livingston

"The love of the sport brings out the best in people. Football is a great way to stay healthy and create a little excitement. It is just the best sport in the world."

Mark Campbell

"It's just the art of the game and the drive it brings that show the beauty of the game."

Felton Burke