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Delatorro McNeal: No Average Man

Published:Monday | January 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Delatorro McNeal engages his audience on stage during his presentation.
Christopher Zacca (left), President and CEO, Sagicor Group Jamaica, and Delatorro McNeal share a light moment.
The happy couple smiles for the camera.

Delatorro McNeal is gifted with the ability to transform lives. His strong belief in humanity and his determination to help others improve their livesas allowed him to touch thousands of lives across the globe. Labelled "at risk" in the fifth and sixth grades, the professional speaker, author, and performance expert knows all too well that through the power of inspiration, people can be transformed into women and men of promise and possibility.

Raised by a single mother who was a teacher and a father who has been confined to a wheelchair from the age of 20, McNeal learnt at an early age that it takes perseverance, integrity, and hard work to accomplish great things. At 15 years old, he knew that though he dreamt of being a backup dancer for MC Hammer, his passion and resilience lay in making and influencing a positive change in people's lives.

"I did the singing thing. I enjoyed and loved it, but what was really in my heart was getting up and sharing a message. So I started studying Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Dr Willie Jolley, and I saw that these people made a living being positive and helping people. I was ,like, that's gangster," McNeal shared with a chuckle.

From then on, McNeal worked on developing his natural ability to inspire. He spent his years in college listening to audiobooks, and while he studied the motivational industry, he saw that there was a lot of 'patty-caking' and fluff.

"I didn't want to bring fluff. I want to deliver substance and something that is hard hitting and real. That's the approach I use on stage. That's my style. I sweat because I believe in people, and it takes a message that cuts through the dogma of our own personal perceptions to hit home," he said.


The Delatorro Experience


Delivering well over 3,000 paid presentations to major corporations, professional associations, conventions, pro-sports teams, churches, and leadership conferences, McNeal shares that it is never easy to come up with presentations, but through his company - Platinum Performance Global he is able to offer a number of core programmess and customise them to suit the client.

McNeal, who was in Jamaica last weekend for Sagicor Group Jamaica's annual team motivational conference, "Blast Off", shared with Flair: "For Sagicor Blast Off, I had to sit with Christopher Zacca (president and CEO) and Karl Williams (senior vice-president - group HR and corporate services) and craft the message even further for the team. But even so, the way it comes out on stage is still different and I had to learn to let go, and let it happen."

He went on to explain that even in teaching speakers, he advises them to give their audience what they need and not what they have prepared. "I prepared a longer presentation for Blast Off, but as I was delivering, I hit what I like to call resistant points in the audience and when I hit that, I have to go deeper because that's what they need in the moment."

In addition to his talent for speech and motivation, McNeal holds a master's degree in human performance enhancement and has authored six books and more than a dozen personal growth and professional development courses. He is the founder of The Full Throttle Experience, a three-day annual "Leaderpreneurship" conference held in Florida, which is a motorcycle-themed leadership and business success event.

Throughout the hustle and bustle of his days, McNeal remembers the importance of his family and maintains a balance between his family and work. His wife, Kenyana, often travels with him and is the backbone of both his work and family life.

McNeal is nowhere near the end of his career as he believes that as he evolves, he will make an even greater impact on the lives he inspires.

"I'm a believer that God didn't put us here to be average. He put us here to do extraordinary things, so what you see come out on stage is nothing more than someone who has learnt a lot about life, and I've had a lot of failure and success," he said.