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'Sexsport' - go for gold!

Published:Monday | January 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Sex and sports have more in common than people may think, from agility to stamina, endurance to athletic performance. And both are synonymous with having the same goal for gold. After all, who doesn't want to win? So we asked some male readers if they could describe the way they have sex as a sport, what would it be and why? These sexsports will surprise you!

Mine would be track and field because of the variety of events involved and the intensity of each. Though they are different, they all have some measurable distance, and timing is important else the desired effect is off. The number of events would represent the flexibility, and intensity is a must, and the timing has to be right or else both parties will be less than satisfied.

T.B., 40, Port Antonio

Bobsledding would best describe what I do best: fast and intense with unexpected turns. You have to be skilled to handle the ride.

M.S., 32, Duhaney Park

Tracks. Sometimes a 100-metre run is desired. It is short and straight to the point, and everyone loves one every now and then. But there are also times when a 5,000-metre, or a 10,000-metre race is required to test your endurance and rhythm.

J.M., 28, Washington Boulevard

American football is my sport. There is a whole playbook to learn. You have to know when to tackle, when to run away, and how to always beat another player to the touchdown.

S.H., 26, Papine

I'd say rugby because it is intense and not everyone can manage.

M.F., 30, Red Hills Road

Synchronised swimming is what I'd compare my sex to as a sport because I try to ensure that we are in step all the way before the big climax. That only applies to when the female is my 'wifey' or girlfriend. If it's a link-up, 100-metre dash it is.

A.H., 35, Golden Spring

I'd describe it as horse racing because I run my mile regularly and I'm a stallion.

A.W., 40, Constant Spring

Snowboarding because once you jump, even if you want to stop, you can't you have to complete the run in record time, and you always feel accomplished in the end.

C.R., 31, Portmore

I would say golf because I'm always hitting from a bird's eye, plus, I stroke hard, similar to swinging, from a long distance.

P.P., 35, Manley Meadows

Track and field would be the equivalent because sex is like a race you enjoy running. There is the marathon, where you just want to keep going and go the distance, and then there is the 100m dash, where, like Usain Bolt, that race is run fast and ends in the same fashion. That's the quickie in sex - when you don't have no time talking. Just shoot off at the sound or sight of the gun.

T.E., 36, Portmore

It's a heavyweight boxing matchup, scheduled for 12 rounds, but it's not passing three. She'll experience TKO (total knockout) from early.

M.C., 34, Molynes Road

Synchronised swimming because everything is in sync and flows smoothly, and the grace and ease of the sexual act with me is just majestic.

T.S., 31, Portmore

My sport would be cricket. When it comes with the responsibility of being gentle, patient, and having a high level of anticipation along with applying constant training to get better, that's all me.

Then when you least expect it, I'll be hitting fours and sixes. She may give me a six for a nine, and before you know it, 69 just might come into play, hitting fours and sixes in the process.

M.W., 25, Portmore

It would be more of a heptathlon: 100 metres hurdles, high jump, shot put, and 200 metres, long jump, javelin, and then for the final event, a 800-metre run. I'm all about spicing things up.

M.T., 33, Portmore,

So, I am very energetic, so it wouldn't be one sport, but a mixture. Let's say the Olympics because I will start off with a bang, a grand celebration, where I'm only aiming for gold in performance but silver in the medal standings. Martial arts, with the skills, mind and body, I will remove her clothing swiftly, but smoothly, taking it to the waters, making her dripping wet before diving in for a breaststroke. I will use my hunting senses to explore her body, and like a cyclist, I will ride breathlessly to get her winning. After she comes in first place, I follow in hot pursuit right to that finish line .

R.H., 27, Red Hills