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Tanya Lee shows The Winner Within

Published:Monday | January 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Tanya Lee: The Winner Within
Tanya Lee

"Believe in yourself, always work hard, be a man or woman of integrity, and let your word be your bond." With this being her advice to youth, it comes as no surprise that Tanya Lee wrote a book to help youth accomplish their dreams.

The Winner Within by Lee takes you through the mindset of successful world athletes by giving insight into how they became champions. The book will showcase the techniques that they used during their journey. She added some of her own experiences in her professional and downtime to help motivate young professionals, aspiring and current athletes, as well as dream-chasers so that they can accomplish what they have set out to accomplish.

Writing a book had always been something that Lee had hoped to do as she would sign her high school books 'future Nobel prize recipient'. It was, however, the nudge of a friend, fellow author and sports marketer Carole Beckford, that brought to remembrance her dream. Beckford suggested that she start writing her book in early 2017, and Lee promised her that she would do so before the end of said year.

She already knew that she wanted to document some of the winning characteristics of athletes with whom she had worked as well as studied over the years in an effort to help persons come to the realisation of what their dreams were. The book will also include some of the mental strengths that one would be required to develop along the way. While the stories are about athletes, they work as inspirations to everyone.

The process for Lee was exciting as she truly enjoys writing and sports. Thus, she was indulging in the best of both worlds. However, the process was not without its downside, especially when it came to the deadline. Lee had originally set the deadline for November 21, which was the birthday of one of her dear friends who was battling cancer. She wanted to celebrate the first draft with her, but unfortunately, on November 8, her dear friend died here, and this became a roadblock in her creative process.




"She passed away on November 8, which made it difficult for me to write for a few days. I also developed a block for a week and was unable to use the keyboard, which also was quite frustrating as that had never happened to me before. But as I shared in my book, the obstacles in life are many. We just have to stay the course to get things done," she told Flair.

Being the perfectionist that she is, finalising the book was the hardest part, rereading it hundreds of times, it never being just perfect for her. Admittedly, even now, she sees things that she would have preferred reworded, but it was time to move forward. Lee ensured that she wrote in a format that would not only be simple, but would captivate the interests of her target audience - young professionals and aspiring athletes.

Lee has received amazing feedback, and she is completely honoured by it.

"Most readers have come back to say they were motivated beyond measure. Pat Rousseau liked it so much he bought six additional copies for family and friends. I had one reader who bought 20 copies for her entire office. Two of my co-workers purchased four additional copies each for their friends and family members after reading it. And I still get tagged on Instagram and Facebook by readers who have described it as "life-changing" and "motivational". Marva Bernard bought copies for her netballers," she proudly told Flair.

Rousseau has also encouraged Lee to think of book number two.

It would come as a surprise that even though Lee is a marketer, using social media to promote her book makes her cringe a bit.

"I'm highly concerned about inundating people with my work, but I do it nonetheless. Weird but true," she admits.

While she also loves many sports teams, the one that has her heart and a place tattooed on her back is Manchester United.

While many of her favourites come with football, her favourite sport to watch is track and field.

She describes it as "sheer human athleticism unmatched by any other sport".