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Couture and More with Chantal Haughton

Published:Monday | February 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM


St Mary is slaying in the fashion department with some sweet displays both trending and timeless. Upon recommendation, we visited a treasure known to the community of Highgate as Cha-Rob's Enterprise. And we had a one-on-one power session with the Cha of Cha-Rob, Chantal Haughton, about life as a business owner.

"Honestly, growing up, I always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. And by that I mean, become an entrepreneur who can make a powerful impact on those around me and my community," Haughton explained to Flair. And fate led her right to her professional destiny.

Born and raised in Highgate, she attended the Marymount High School for two years before she moved to St Mary High School. While growing up, she admired both of her parents - having a father who endured it all to provide for her and her brothers as best as he could, and a mother who devoted her time and energy into caring for them, teaching without hesitation, a deep and profound love for self, for their family and for their community. She attributed her keen fashion sense to her Aunt Lois Bourne, an attorney who wasn't only brilliant and strong, but knew how to strut the runway of life. Her influence inspired Haughton's passion for fashion.

Furthering her scholastic pursuits to Excelsior Community College, Haughton obtained an associate's degree in business administration. And armed with qualifications began her career in banking. This, however, left an indescribable void - she wanted more. So did her husband, Robert. "We were both employed, working for others, but we wanted to have something for ourselves. That has always been our dream."




This dream transcended into a beautiful reality when the dynamic duo decided to open their very own business, Cha-Rob's Enterprise. Focusing on each other's strengths, the couple fused groceries with fashion to create a one-stop shop for everyone. The supermarket, conceived by her husband, Robert, located downstairs is fully stocked with all the food items you will need for your home. While upstairs boasts the latest fashion and styles, courtesy of Chantal, along with accessories, household necessities, baby items, and appliances. "The enterprise is split between the supermarket, groceries, and meat for Robert, while I handle the clothing aspect of things. We both take turns running the entire business," she revealed.

Haughton remembered the days when it was the two of them, starting from scratch to build a solid foundation. They remained hopeful and worked assiduously to be a pillar of their community and contribute to its progress. Today, they have 12 employees.

Describing her own style as contemporary yet elegant, opting for simplicity which speaks volumes in making a fashion statement, she leans towards incorporating what's trending in her store, "I believe a woman's appearance depicts a lot about her image and personlity and we try to provide just that for all our female customers in particular," she added.

With this job, Haughton is finally able to do what she loves with whom she loves, giving back to her community in the process, sponsoring events and helping with worthy initiatives. The couple also has three children, Shaneik, Robert Jr, and Dhaneik, whom Haughton said plays a major role in motivating her to be her very best and put her all into her endeavours. And when she isn't working, she can be found basking in the escape of an alternate reality through reading.

So what's next for Cha-Rob's Enterprise?

According to Haughton, her husband is the backbone of the business and he's always looking for ways to improve the business in order to satisfy the customers. There are new plans in place, but no spoiler alert: we all have to just wait and see. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs wanting build in their community: never give into any obstacles you face, "It wasn't easy for us, but we continue to fight the fight and push through."

So for great quality products at very competitive prices with excellent customer service, stop by Cha-Rob's Enterprise in Highgate, St Mary. For more information, give them a call at 724-0984.