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Krysta the Xplora | Strawberry at Night

Published:Monday | February 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Sometimes all we need is to go back to the basics and let one of nature's most precious fruits take our mood from dreary to sultry in no time. The same can be said for Strawberry Fields Together at night.

The Flair team took an exciting tour of St Mary last Tuesday, with all high hopes of making it time for some fun in the sun at Strawberry Fields Together. But you know what can happen when you pack everything into one day: so much to do, so little time to do it.

With very little time to spare, the task shifted from soaking in some sunshine to watching the breathtaking sunset. I, for one, immediately had a change of heart, welcomed this new transition.

After leaving the town of Highgate, following rural instructions, we continued on our journey outside of the town. But something felt wrong: five minutes turned to 10 and with only greenery in sight, I grew concerned. I thought we would've turned back but our trustee pilot believed this was the right path. As we continued to take flight, more time had passed with no sign of the main road anywhere. Fifteen minutes turned into 40 and before we knew it, we were in Westmoreland, Westmoreland Bridge, that is. We had gone the wrong way.

We pressed on regardless and with a full moon already in our line of vision, I should've taken that as a sign, but I hoped for the miracle - or maybe I'm just a sucker for a happy ending. But, alas, day had given up the good fight, making way for Queen Night. What was, however, initially perceived as a cloud in the plans turned into an epic silver lining. Open skies with a full moon reflecting its light on the calm waves of the ocean. Whether we wanted to keep our heads in the clouds or not, there was no denying the beauty and the majesty of Strawberry Fields Together at night.

I received a warm greeting from Kim Chase, owner of Strawberry Fields Together, who took me on a tour of the property. She shared her story with me, too, noting that she first visited our green shores at just 19 years of age, newly married, seeking a camping adventure. "Back in 1973, Strawberry Fields was a camping ground and in 1979, I booked a tent." The travel from the United States, she says, was long and treacherous, both by plane and bus, and while they were relieved to be greeted by rastas, after pushing and pulling their luggage for approximately 4.2 miles, they were already introduced to the service culture, as they chanted a five US dollars charge for their assistance. They absolutely loved the island and in 1987, they moved to Jamaica, bought the property, and the rest as they say, is history.

Now boasting 12 rooms, which sleeps up to 35 individuals, I viewed a few for myself: To the World and Lightning, both Usain Bolt-inspired, were not only rustic but quaint by nature. And Love Nest and Sunrise Magic, those names truly speak for themselves, talk about enchanting! Chronixx even made Love Nest a location for his music video, Majesty.

They have a cafÈ on property, too, called Strawberry Patch CafÈ, designed to satisfy all of your culinary desires. They sport two main beaches - swimming is a given, while fishing is also an available adventure. Apart from accommodation, they also offer day passes for company fundays, staff and group retreats, and will make for the most beautiful wedding destination. Hosting full-moon bonfires and hidden-treasure excursions of waterfalls, old ruins, and beaches, honestly, what's not to love? Although, I hope to one day tap into my inner Krysta the Xplora and seek a touring adventure with Strawberry Fields Together, I have absolutely no regrets experiencing a little piece of paradise with Strawberry at night.

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