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Places You Should Visit In St Mary

Published:Thursday | February 1, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/Lifestyle Writer

Who said you can’t have fun in St Mary? Everywhere you go across Jamaica, it’s destined for you to find thrilling, fun, and awe-inspiring places to let your hair down or kick back and relax. St Mary, a small tranquil parish with scenic gardens, serene rivers, and remarkable historical sites, is one of the features that make Jamaica as splendid and exciting as it is. Countless times Capleton has bellowed “A St Mary me come from”. It’s simply because the parish is remarkable. Now, here are a few places that make the parish spectacular.



You don't have to go parties to have fun in St Mary. Truth be told, not everyone likes to party. Some persons adore history and Woodside is where these persons should be. This small community is replete with history. The Dryland or 'One/Long Buddy Susan' Cave, Daddy Rock (a cavern-like formation near the Anglican Church), Arawak Steps and the St Gabriel's Anglican Church (Old Anglican Church) are places you must visit in Woodside.




Sitting on 30 acres of prime waterfront is a beautiful village where you can have intense fun. With its scenic environment, it is ideal for an amazing and jolly countryside wedding. And if you're searching for the perfect place to take incredible selfies, the right spot for a photo shoot, picnics, or corporate soirÈes, the Rio Nuevo Village is your answer. You'll surely be the envy of the town.




Named in honour of Tacky, a slave renowned for his role in the St Mary rebellion, the Tacky Falls is perfect for nature lovers. To put the icing on the cake, as you make your way to the water sanctuary, you'll surely enjoy the beauty of the environment. The adventurous 15-minute hike along a steep, narrow track will pay off with a peaceful moment at the 60m long falls.




Originally called 'Look Out' by famous pirate Henry Morgan, firefly was the home of British Playwright Noel Coward. This is one of the best places for you to explore in the lovely parish. Also, boasting a magnificent mountain-top view, the site offers a remarkable setting for festive gatherings.







One visit to the beautiful Castleton Gardens will set your mind at ease. You'll find this haven on either sides of the Kingston to St Mary main road with a rich variety of plants. Added to its cool, quiet atmosphere is the fresh, cool water flowing from Wag Water River. You certainly will be tempted to take a swim.