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V-Day for Everyone

Published:Monday | February 12, 2018 | 12:00 AM

February 14 is only two days away. That means it's time to show some love and celebrate Valentine's Day. By now, you would have already been flooded by waves of red and white. And whether you want to deny the day or embrace it, there's no escaping its phenomenon.

Women swoon over the surge of affections displayed by their significant others, and consequently, these men are often rewarded for their good deeds where it counts. That's where the day of the 'vajayjay' comes in.

Let's face it: most men aren't cracked up about even acknowledging the day but they love to see their partners happy (and they like their lives too, because for some, it's hell to pay if they do absolutely nothing). So, sugar coat it all you want, it might be Valentine's Day for you, but it's Vagina Day for him.

Since we've established what the day really means to both parties involved, how do we go about achieving a Happy V-Day for everyone?


Play on her emotions


She might like to say, "Don't play with her emotions." But now is the right time to up your Prince Charming game. Shower her with roses, teddy bears, gift baskets, chocolates, the works. Sweep her off her feet with the most romantic dinner then later, pour into her every sweet desire. She'll definitely follow or even takeover your pursuit of pleasure.


Tap into her sentimental side


Want to keep the 'awws' coming for your sweetheart? Tap into the sentimental side, if that's the weakness, and get a gift specifically designed just for her. It may be a special occasion for her or you both like her fave photo of you both framed, a love-notes jar, framed photo, customised token, it could even include an inside joke. Just be sure that in showing your appreciation, you get as creative as possible.


Keep it real


It's great to live in the world of fantasy, but some ladies like it when you just keep it real. So be practical with your gifting approach. She may not like candy or chocolates, or fancy the fanfare, but she might value something like a gift certificate for a well-needed massage to relax her from her stressful days (you could be become the masseuse at home, and treat her to an evening of pampering), or she may treasure something she always wanted like a pair of red bottoms: that will certainly have her falling head over heels for you all over again, and consequently see expressing this gratitude behind closed doors.


Flip the script


Women are always the ones receiving gifts, but men need love too. Why not flip the script and get him something special that he has been wanting for a while now? After all, who knows him better than you? And he will be sure to thank you for that significant surprise.


Taunt, Tease and Please him


Ladies, here is your time to trade places and be on the hunt to satisfy his sultry hunger. You can be innovative with your technique by including toys, chains, and whips - if it excites him - gift wrap your treasure in the sexiest lingerie ever and take him to or rather make him your candy shop. If it screams passion, put it in action, taunting, teasing, and pleasing him in the process.


Dora his Explorer


Has it been a while since you've both had a sensual adventure? Valentine's Day is a better time than any to tap into your Dora and unleash his inner wild side as you feed into his cravings and satisfy his sizzling appetite.