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Kelly's World | Life is unfair? Absolutely!

Published:Monday | February 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Jackass once said that the world was not level.

Can I tell you that for a creature often associated with stupidity and not being very bright, jackass really hit the nail on the head with that one. I've often felt that there are many ways to tackle Jamaica's crime problem. One involves taking away the financial dependence of communities on the dons/area leaders. Gangs thrive where the loyalty of the residents, whether forced or willingly given, is high.

But an equally important strategy to fight crime is arguably the simplest: that of enforcement. How many times have you seen people blatantly breaking the law, with police personnel a few yards away? Breaking the law is breaking the law, whether it's a 'small' offence or not. I'll give you a practical example.

I was heading home one day recently, and was stuck in traffic for a bit. I saw two policemen talking to a motorist pulled over by the side of the road. I assume he was going to be ticketed for something. Along comes a motorcyclist, without his helmet, who proceeds to greet and strike up a chat with one of the policemen. Now I don't know what the motorist may or may not have done, but here was another road user in clear breach of a law, who was not even close to being ticketed.




And why not? Because one of the lawmen is apparently a friend of his? Wrong is wrong. We aren't going to get anywhere as a nation if our security personnel enforce the laws they feel like, or enforce them with the individuals they feel like.

When I see things like what I witnessed, it bothers me greatly. People talk about one law for the rich and one for the poor. That may be so, but there's also one law for whichever lawman is working a particular case, and another for a different lawman working somewhere else.

Any time I see a case of someone being treated differently from someone else in a similar situation, it irks me to my core. In fact, it infuriates me. Some people get a free ride through life, while others have to fight and claw and scrap for everything they own. And what you achieve might still value less (money-wise) than what those who are floating through life have amassed.

It's like when the parking lot is full and you wait and wait for a spot to open up. Then the minute it does, here comes another driver from a different angle who just takes 'your' spot. All that patience, and for what? It's annoying as hell and I've seen a few people who actually nearly got into fights because of this same situation.

I don't know if that motorist finally did get a ticket, but I know the motorcyclist certainly didn't. He rode off before the light changed and I went on my way. Aah bwoy! Jackass, trust me, you know of what you are speaking when you say the world is uneven. Next time we link up, me bring you some fresh grass. Bray!

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