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Platinum nails by Margaret Rainford

Published:Monday | February 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Platinum Nails
Platinum Nails
Platinum Nails
Platinum Nails

One can never overstate how important it is for a woman to always appear chic and sassy from head to toe on all occasions. This requires getting your nails done to perfectly suit your style and personality and expressive yourself in the most unique and stylish manner.

It is a dream come true for some nail technicians to unleash their power and work wonders on women's fingers and toes. Certainly, for Margaret Rainford, a top-notch nail technician in Half-Way Tree, it's a craving that satisfies her thirst for perfection and to please women.

Known to her friends as Keisha, the passionate lover of the art has mastered her craft. On any given day, one can easily find Rainford in her comfort zone at Shop 16 York Plaza, easing away at one of her many masterpieces.

Starting the craft while in high school, Rainford has recently completed level-five of cosmetology. But with 12 years of the practise under her belt, she attributes her prowess in nail artistry to continued practise over the years.

"I first attempted hairdressing. One of my sisters introduced me to it, but that was not what I really wanted and I lost interest in it. So, my other sister introduced me to nails. And since I started, I have never stopped," Rainford explained.




"My craft is slick, neat, playful and creative. I'm a quick learner, confident and creative, so my very detailed and neat work as well as the passion I have for what I do, make me stand out from others," Rainford assuredly told Flair.

Nail artistry is beautiful in all facets. Her favourite features of the art are designing and shaping. The craft is one of the factors that bring out the best in Rainford. It taps into her artistic side and pulls out the artist inside her. But more important, she spends a lot of time applying each item to get the best design to suit not only her clients, but also herself.

"I like drawing. When designing nails, this is the only time I draw. I'm not interested in drawing any other time, or for any other purpose," she said.

Airbrush, nail sculpting and gelling are some of the other techniques that the nail guru has mastered.




In order to excel in this industry, one has to be a genius and possess skillful and gifted hands to make stellar designs that demand adoration. It takes diligence to master the different shapes of nails.

Mountain peak, round, almond, square, stiletto and arrow head are only a few of the shapes one has to master. For Rainford, the creative soul, it's no stress to shape nails right.

"I do all the shapes. Everything that is new, I'm on it. Also, every new design, you name it, I can do it and (any) new product out there, I have it," Rainford confidently explained.

Describing herself as a perfectionist, Rainford's aim is to always attract new clients. It's against this backdrop that she admits that she is pushed to excel through her platinum nails. Her vision now is to set up her own shop in the next five years and share her talent with a team.