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Timber Wear Inc

Published:Monday | February 19, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie

Timber Wear Inc, founded by Matthew Clarke, is currently the most sought-after eco-friendly designer shades within the Caribbean. The wooden frames are made entirely from recycled materials and are assembled in Jamaica.

The concept of Timber Wear Inc came after Clarke attended a beach party a few years back. "At the time, I did not realise how popular Bridget's Sandals were, but after seeing that every girl in attendance had on a pair, I knew it was possible to make something just as grand or even better if you had a great product," said Clarke.

At the same party, Clarke noticed that everyone in attendance was wearing designer shades. "As I enjoyed myself, I kept thinking of what I could do that would be just as cool, but with a Jamaican flavour," he explained.

After doing much research, he realised that the Jamaican market was saturated with sandals and clothing companies. "The idea of a Jamaican glasses brand seemed so unique but I knew it had to be different in some way." said Clarke.

Given that Jamaica is the land of wood and water, it only seemed natural for Clarke to use wood as the main product. "This is how the name and the glasses came to life," he said.

The inspiration for each design came from seeing popular styles both in person and online. The main difficulty behind the production of each frame was trying to mold shapes with an unforgiving material. Unlike standard shades, made with either metal or plastic, wood cannot be heated and bent into desired shapes. "It takes a lot of care and patience to make each and every sunglasses," said Clarke.

All the material used at this time is sourced from overseas. We gather recycled wood from partially destroyed desks, skateboards, chairs and other objects. "My team then makes the desired shapes and ships them to me here in Jamaica, where I complete assembly with a small group," explained Clarke. However, it is his intention to produce everything from scratch here in Jamaica. "We are currently allocating funds to do so," said Clarke.

Timber Wear Inc allows customers to personalise their order by engraving a name or an object along the arm of the sunglasses. This acts as a perfect gift for any occasion, whether it's a birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or wedding gift.

Several Jamaican celebrities such as Tifa, Tessanne Chin, Shenseea, and Christopher Martin, television/radio personalities like Sakina, Nikki Z, and ZJ Sparkz, and most recently, the Sub-10 King Asafa Powell own a pair of Timber Wear shades.

To get your very own Timber Wear Inc shades, visit timberwearinc.com and have them shipped locally or overseas. Timber Wear Inc is also sold at Fashion 911 at 16 Windsor Avenue off Old Hope Road and Shop #13 in 7th Avenue Plaza.

Keep up to date with Timber Wear Inc on Instagram and Facebook @Timberwearinc.

"We are currently focused on sunglasses, but keep an eye open for new wooden products in the near future," said Clarke.

Unite style and nature with Timber Wear Inc.