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Taking Care of the hands and sole

Published:Monday | February 26, 2018 | 12:00 AMYanique Williams
Shades of Elegance
Calvin's feet after his callus pedicure treatment.
Calvin Harris' nails looking great after he finished his manicure.
From left: Pedicurist Sashoya Dunkley and manicurist Shantel Hylton.
The pedicurist applies cuticle oil to the nails after cleaning them.


Some men are of the notion that getting your nails done is solely a woman's thing, but gone are the days where only women care for manicures and pedicures, after all men need pampering too. Men have learnt the ultimate secret that women, are too attracted to men with clean nails and soft and smooth soles. Mani-pedi duo, Shantel Hylton and Sashoya Dunkley, from Shades of Elegance, shares with us the different types and benefits of a Mani-Pedi set.

There are various types of manicures and pedicures that you can try, if you have never done one before. So for first timers based on the condition of your feet and hand, your manicurist and pedicurist will recommend the best option for you, Hylton explains. For manicures which focuses on your hands and fingernails, there are the classic manicure and paraffin manicure. And for pedicures which deals with the feet and toe nails, there is the classic pedi, the callus remover and the paraffin pedi. Each mani-pedi are specially designed to remove things such as dead skin, dirt and ingrown nails.

Getting your nails, as well as your hands and feet, clean can be highly beneficial without bruising the male ego. Hylton proclaims that a mani-pedi can release high levels of stress, as during the process you receive a gentle yet calming massage on the feet, that instantly relaxes you. Also getting your nails done regularly can prevent ingrown nails, having your nails looking well kept. For persons who have sweaty feet, a pedicure will be sure to have your feet looking and smelling great. Not only does a manicure and pedicure makes you more attractive, it also improves your health as it helps in proper blood circulation. Especially if you work requires you to be using your hands and feet 90% of the time.

Calvin Harris, Principal of the Marlie Mount Primary and Infant school, is no stranger to Mani-Pedis as he gets himself pampered regularly at Shades of Elegance. He says that he get his hands and feet done, once every three months which is below the recommended time. As to ensure proper maintenance it is required to do a session once every two weeks, pedicurist Sashoya recommended. " I used it as a therapeutic session for me, I usually feel alive and refreshed and mostly use it as a treat" Harris explained.

To keep his nails maintained until his next spa day, Harris says he does a usual washing and from time to time and he does a few things recommended by the ladies of elegance, such as using a foot scrub while in the shower and foot creams which he applies before bed and put a sock over it.

" The services is excellent and the group is led by a dynamic leader, Miss Mccalla, she is a people person and she takes pride in ensuring that her customers get good service. They are quite hospitable and accommodating, and you get value for money." Calvin expresses his reasons for coming back to Shades of Elegance. He also states that Miss Mccalla give back to the community through health fair and on a personal level she gives back to his school, by giving teachers a well needed spa treatment.

If you think that you are man enough to take on the nail care challenge and to be pampered and taken care of by beautiful ladies, then mark your calendar and book your date for your trip to the spa. But if you are of the view that going to spa if for the women, then here are some at home basic nail care by manicurist Shantal Hylton and pedicurist Sashoya Dunkley, that will keep your nails looking good. For the hand the Ms Hylton advise that you clip and shape your nail as well as wash them with a brush when necessary to remove dirt. While for the feet, Ms Dunkley says to use foot scrub during your shower to wash the feet, dry them properly with a clean towel, apply some foot cream and then place them in socks this helps to keep your feet clean and soft. Also you can purchase a small at home mani-pedi kit, that you can use at your leisure.