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AIMing for Greatness with Nicole McLaren-Campbell

Published:Monday | March 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Contributed Photo Nicole Campbell
Contributed Photo Nicole Campbell
Contributed Photo Nicole Campbell

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in, day out. Being an educator is one thing, but becoming an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, wife, mother, fitness enthusiast and fashionista is another. Nicole McLaren-Campbell constantly aims for greatness.

As a bright teenager, McLaren-Campbell received great joy from helping others. From a strong family of teachers, she was already deep-rooted in the field of service. She got hands-on experience one summer as an intern teaching for Russel Bell of MRC Family School, and came alive in the classroom. "The feeling I got when I helped a student believe they could do the math, to see how, and eventually see themselves differently - it's indescribable. I felt purpose," she revealed.

McLaren-Campbell graduated from St Andrew High School for Girls, Jamaica Phillips Academy Andover, Princeton University USA and the University of London School of Advanced Study and School of African and Oriental Studies.

Her professional pursuits began while working at the Ministry of Education as a senior policy analyst to the minister, as well as tutoring in the Department of Government at the University of the West Indies. She also served as a volunteer working with Princeton University's admission office to interview applicants from Jamaica. While interviewing a young woman full of promise, a business idea came to her. "She didn't quite piece the application together in the right way and I had a gut feeling I could help students craft and communicate their unique value proposition to attract major scholarships."

After discussing it with her husband, Jeffrey, she conducted her research, and travelled to Philadelphia for training to become an independent educational consultant (IEC). The following year, AIM was born.

The objective of AIM Services is to assist students in realising their dreams, maximise their potential, help their families to afford college, empower teenagers to take advantage of their opportunities as well as serve their communities and get them ready to take the driver's seat of their lives.

But while McLaren-Campbell is in the fast lane, she goes into cruise control when hanging out with her family: husband, children, mom and sisters, along with good friends. She is fond of the beach, loves to read and treasures the opportunity to speak with and motivate others. She enjoys training on vision boarding and goal setting. It is her hope that she will continue to promote and instill a culture of distinction and courage in order for students to explore and pursue areas of interest, no matter what, encouraging creativity, analytical skills, with the understanding that nothing is beyond their reach.

Her advice to teachers: put your students' successes first. "The results are super gratifying. Teaching is the opportunity to impact the world. So, practice what you preach and teach - if you want your students to be excellent, practice personal excellence."